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Learning I was an INFJ

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by , 05-22-2019 at 07:24 PM (322 Views)
This image captures the exact moment I learned I was INFJ.

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(INFJs are cats in disguise.)

The next images captures the moments that follow, when said INFJ (me) begins to read about being INFJ. The mind is expanded, many discoveries are made, and weirdness is explained.

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Then comes The Great Contemplation, in which the information is pondered. Reflection is done. Solitude is often sought, or the counsel of close individuals.

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But first the INFJ must rest. This unconscious state helps the INFJ process. Also, dreams occur in which the INFJ works out some subconscious questions, issues, or fears.

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Once the information has been processed, coffee is likely found and consumed. This coffee shall fuel further contemplations.


There you have it.

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