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Lady Soul Blade

Would you want to be precognitive?

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by , 10-04-2018 at 02:22 PM (342 Views)
Fellow Ns- if you could choose to be precognitive would you?

I am an INFJ. I have seen that our types are often labeled as “Psychics”. Though I have found that I have strong intuitions and gut feelings, and consider myself fairly "tapped in", I wouldn’t say I’m actually a full on precog.

My question is, thus, if you could choose to be a precognitive- would you want to be? Would you want to know things before they happened? And how much detail would you want to get in that knowing?

If you would want to be precognitive, what would you do with this power?

This question is mostly for fellow Inuitives, but goes to all as well.
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  1. Rong Wong's Avatar
    Life would become pretty boring if you could predict the future. Having mysteries to solve and not knowing what's going to happen next is what makes life interesting.

    I don't believe in psychic abilities, although it does make for good science fiction. What I do believe is that we can learn to become better guessers. By being observant and taking probabilities into account, we can increase the odds of making a good guess.

    An even better skill than being precognitive, is the ability to adapt and flow with life's ups and downs. To keep your target in your sights, and keep shooting at it until you hit it. Concentration and determination are the yogi's superpowers.

    Edit: apologies if you were looking for a more imaginative answer. Perhaps I'll write a science fiction novel one day. :)
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  2. Lady Soul Blade's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment!

    I agree, I'd say not knowing the future is more exciting and interesting. One of the neatest things in life is having that feeling of "ah, now I see why this happened" and everything coming together.

    The unexpected can at times be stressful, but it can also push us forward and make for some wonderful surprises. It can also present us with challenges that push us to learn.

    Besides, if we knew what was going to happen, I suppose it would be like already living life, and having to do it all over again. And if we already knew what was going to happen, we might avoid certain situations that provide useful lessons and important character growth.

    It would be interesting to get glimpses, perhaps, into the future. Full of precognition would likely get old after a while. Though, the idea of vague yet strong intuitive... "pulls" would be kind of neat.

    No worries, I enjoyed reading your answer and found your perspective on this to be interesting. And that would be neat if you wrote a science fiction novel! Do let me know if you do. :D
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