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Where I stand

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by , 09-04-2013 at 06:35 PM (533 Views)
I am hurt. Bewildered. Confused. Sad. A break so fresh.

My love is complete, whole, never ending, unbroken, eternal. My trust, however, has been shattered. Trust is such a fragile thing. It only takes a small chip in the surface to create a weak point in which the entire structure can be torn apart.

While one doesn't have to work for love, trust is another story. Love is a bond which can hold trust together, but all the pieces must be back in their place for it to set them and create strength again. Confessions, remorse, repentance, forgiveness are steps which must take place to even begin the process.

Like a broken leg, the break must be set in its cast and given time to heal. Even after the bone has fused back, there is a weakening of the muscles around it, which will have to undergo therapy; perhaps taking much longer than the rest period of the time in the cast to fully be restored. Even still, there may be nerve damage done, which might have lasting impact and take external intervention to fully correct. After all that still, scars may yet remain. All resulting from an instantaneous blow.

I have no desire to be covered in scars. Yet, I'll wear my scars as a badge of honor. They are signs that I have overcome my breaks and have healed. My loved one will see them, touch them, and be reminded that I endured and overcame pain once before. They will not want to create new scars, but rather help remind me that I am beautiful and whole again.

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