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"I Need Air" (Poem)

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by , 07-06-2013 at 11:01 PM (728 Views)
I want a tank of air to breathe
So the blood can pump to and from the heart on my sleeve
I'm so suffocated and scared
They're yelling at me daily, and I'm hearing impaired
I need a place of refuge, a sanctuary of bliss
Protected from the deluge of their maddening hiss
They're banging doors and screaming
All to get the point across
But the only thing they're inflicting is a case of hearing loss
Why have I not been saved from this toxic wasteland yet?
How much worse is this dire situation going to get?
I need to be pulled from the wreckage
From the smouldering despair
Someone throw me down a tank
I need to breathe clean air
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