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"Rabbit Hole"

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by , 07-29-2015 at 06:45 AM (503 Views)
A brazen alarm tears through the silk screen of my slumber
Seemingly mere moments since I peeked and saw dawn
Now a sinister sun has unseated the moon from its throne
Cracks its whip and the plastic army men align

Hey you, take the bus and go meet with some faceless talking head
Extoll your attributes and tell them why they need you
A man in a suit in his comfy leather chair
Greets you with a stare

Hot coffee, warm Xerox, and cold, fluorescent tubes
A masquerade ball
The clock on the wall hammers out the seconds one by one
The caretaker chews bubble gum

Donít you wish you were back in the arms of that rainy Saturday?
Rocking on its lap, pacified by the murmurs
The gentle flicker of some TV murder mystery
Nestled in the warm weekend womb before Mondayís midwifery begins to pull

Donít you want a rabbit hole?
Somewhere to burrow and escape when the earth begins to scorch
Somewhere to take cover when those bombs begin to fall
Somewhere to hide when winter casts its frigid pall

When they draw those battle lines
Stay somewhere out of the line of fire
Those greedy vultures will eat everything in sight
Play dead if you must

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