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by , 07-11-2019 at 02:46 PM (33 Views)
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I dreamt that I was visiting some sort of underwater catacombs (that's the most similar visually to what I dream), and my "guide" (some sort of neat dressed woman with office style speach) was explaining to me each price for these underwater catacombs. Some were crazily high priced because of surroundings, historic buildings, a sunny orientation, etc (what the guide told me with explanation of everything seens).

Than we heard cathedrals bells striking and she explained to me that the bells sounds weren't striking one note but 2 at once, and we were hearing the mix of the two frequencies, like mi and fa notes heard together for example (the guide explanation to me in the dream not mine).

After that it was either another dream but still with the same guide or simply a very long weird change of setting because I was in my childhood high school and I was running out of class with others classmates, so fast and light I was almost flying and it felt very good. And the guide explained to me the symbolism of this feeling of flying, how despite been understood as something positive by me (the part of me dreaming of flying), it was in fact a negative symbol because it was a symbol of been without personal ties, and a warning sign about it.

Seriously, when I though it couldn't even go weirder with my dreaming style, I end up having a live explanation of what I dream. Tiring.
I wanted to put in words some thoughts regarding this dream, especially the "guide" part but It isn't easy at all. Regarding the catacombs, I was wrong, the place was in fact underwater canal.

About the "guide" figure I can describe it as an almighty one, an "outsider" one not part of the me awake or asleep, but "me" part of it. It was like the ultimate entity bypassing every "official" checkpoint for some sort of emergency. The speech about the "me been wrong" was like been sobered after a crazy hight, or been factually proven the erroneous reasonning by which I was operating since years, blindly. And what was said was simply "what is".

And the sobering was about this out of control pride about not needing others and keeping up to myself, being superior and looking down on others about them having emotional needs while me been "free of it", believing it was fine, healthy. No, it's indeed not and dangerous.

Very strange, and a 1st occurrence to meet with this "guide", tiring and not something "I" wish to meet again. These words don't convey properly the state "I" is.

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