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An Island Conspiracy

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by , 05-22-2019 at 04:29 PM (289 Views)
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It was a dark and windy night, but that was why we went out in the first place. Why would you go out on a night that was still and bright? Therefore, we waited until it was moonless, starless, cloudless, and altogether photonless, with a howling ocean wind screeching past our ears. We put a blindfold over the dog's nose so that she couldn't smell as much, too. We weren't taking chances.

Out we sailed, into the bay and past the islands bordering it, until we reached the last one. We pulled the boat up onto the rocks and hiked up to the summit.

There we conspired.

"Sally, did you bring the marshmallows?" Felicia asked.

"No," Felicia replied. "Was I supposed to?"

"Damnit, Felicia, why do you always have to do this?" Mark whined.

Oh, shut up, Mark, I thought. But I kept my thoughts to myself and stared out into the sea.

Bess, the dog, was struggling with her blindfold, so I took it off her. She wagged her tail as though nothing had happened. What a sweetheart. You have to admit, it was a stupid idea to blindfold a dog's nose. It had been Mark's idea.

Just then, I heard a strange

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