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The Sins of Us All

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by , 09-26-2016 at 12:33 AM (700 Views)
I decided to write a poem about the true nature of sin. Many people come to learn about sin through organized religion or through the enneagram. But in order to understand sin, you actually have to experience and overcome it yourself. Because that is the deception of sin, it tricks you into thinking something is right/wrong.

I'm not religious by any means. In fact, I'm rather against religion. But I have been through sin and seen others going through sin enough to know that true happiness does not come from it. And that overcoming sin is the only way to find the truth in life. Also, many people in this world are victims to their own sin. Why? Because few people who understand good/evil are in positions influential enough to be trusted. The ones we all trust, the government, the church, the media.. is all corrupted with deception designed to get you to remain in sin. Overthrowing the power that is felt so absolutely around the world is no easy task. It's not as simple as writing a book, or obtaining power, or spreading awareness. Because, like I said earlier, sin is understood by overcoming it yourself. No one can teach another person how to overcome sin. And it's precisely because sin is caused by being influenced in the first place. It's a reaction to stimulus. The only thing that can overpower your natural reaction is your own will power.

Heres the poem. It's about the grip sin has over you. And the freedom you can never have while in a state of sin. Sin is a force pulling you toward it, like our bodies to this planet. Overcoming sin is like overcoming gravity and flying away. The message of the poem may seem simple, but the words within reveal so much more truth than initially spoken. There is an entire life story to each line.

Zero Gravity

As humans we look around in awe
At a world built around one law
That Gravity will always rule
As if it's the one in control

We feed his ego to build him tall
As if a hero could save us all
But as he's raised to be the best
He only dreams about his rest
Who is he to deny his fate
As he pays the price of Pride

We take his gifts to make us strong
As if they're ours all along
But as he's raised to give and give
He only dreams to simply live
Who is he to deny his fate
As he pays the price of Greed

We ignore him to feel relief
As if things change with belief
But as he's raised to not exist
He only dreams to be missed
Who is he to deny his fate
As he pays the price of Envy

We avoid consequences to feel peace
As if we have no responsibilities
But as he's raised to fight others' wars
He only dreams of slamming doors
Who is he to deny his fate
As he pays the price of Wrath

We project ourselves to feel unalone
As if another is our own
But as he's raised to be someone else
He only dreams of being himself
Who is he to deny his fate
As he pays the price of Lust

We seek to feed our inner beast
As if it's satisfied from one feast
But as he's raised to be our prey
He only dreams to have his day
Who is he to deny his fate
As he pays the price of Gluttony

You see your fate but what can you do?
Don't let the world influence you
Next time you look around in awe
Know the bigger we are the harder we fall

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  1. Maye's Avatar
    Nice poem. Not sure if I'm understanding the meaning of "gravity", though. Care to elaborate?

    Sure I'll elaborate. Gravity is like being pulled toward something. And sin is the same way. Whether it's a duty felt with Wrath or an urge felt with Gluttony, there is a force pulling you toward an action. When somebody feels forced to be a certain way because society demands it then that is the gravity of society versus yourself. It pulls on you like a puppet to serve it. Then as a consequence of that force, an individual will feel sucked in and that's when sin manifests. When you react to the force and fight it even though you have been sucked in by it. You're over the event horizon and you can't get out the same way you came in. You have to just get sucked in so deep that you ricochet and shoot out and away from the world, free of the pressure finally. Whether it's pressure to be masculine/feminine/beautiful/whatever, it pulls you in just like gravity. And you don't notice the pressure until it's gone. People change for the world and forget who they are. It's the pressure that comes from the world that does it, since it's so much more massive than just yourself. We are born in sin. Born to influence because that's what is expected of us from the world's eyes. So many don't know the answer to the question "who am I" because of this. Or rather they think they do but they don't.
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  2. Maye's Avatar
    I see, that actually does make sense. Its not letting the gravity of the world tell you who to be and how to act. Rather, being defined by what you see to be true. Its the element of autonomy/perception in how we interpret things and grow, even if we are around/ subject to seeing sin.
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  3. Maye's Avatar
    And I see your meaning of it, as well. The above was more a branching off of that.
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