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Happy Memory #1030 - Good Food Friends

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by , 09-18-2016 at 01:36 AM (595 Views)
YAAAY! I feel a lot better. I went out with E yesterday and we ate a lot of nice food. I also enacted some plans. I wonder how itíll turn out. I hope for the better since I want to see where it leads.

Let bygones be bygones. I'm not gonna hold a grudge. Just move into the future.

I ate some Vietnamese food with E beef combo soup, spring rolls, chicken wings. They ran out of yoghurt!!! So we couldnít try it.

Then we had delicious waffles and ice-cream.

And then we walked around and heard the F1 cars. I should have bought some of the cute cute things we saw. Thereís so much pokemon merchandise on sale nowadays! :O

Gonna bring my mum to eat there one of these days.

Feel a lot back to normal. Not very sure what happened but I think I'm well again.

I saw episode one of Scorpion on tv today! Wow, itís really interesting. E was asking me what I have to offer a guy and I said I was smart. Lol. Yeah, I better settle my income situation first. I think most people donít really care about your studies nowadays as long as you got cash, even for women. I donít know. Guys can be materialistic too though. Who knows.

My dad is a christian now. Hung up the cross in the living room, and the taoist offerings are gone. Thatís the good thing thatís happened with things recently. My whole family is Christian now. \/(^_^)\/ kinda makes me wonder what will happen with my grandfather who passed before hearing about things, but I'm sure weíll be together in heaven otherwise it wont be heaven for me.

Still kinda wonder about things most of the time, but well, I think I should progress as usual with a new book otherwise ill always be stuck at the same place. I think thereís some subjects I'm never going to touch again though. I can't wait to work on others ive always wanted to do.

When I came back home, I went to find the white and grey kitty and I worked up the courage to pet it. IT kinda mock-bit my hand when i rubbed its back, so I shifted to petting his head. Hee hee, I can read kitties now.

E is a really good friend, really helped me out!!!

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