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Happy Memory #1033 - Normalcy

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by , 10-12-2016 at 06:35 AM (318 Views)
I think I got too stressed with my schedule and wasnít focused enough. I wasnít sure what happened, but here I am, back at square zero, in my room again. A lot of things changed. New mattress came today.

I wonít let anything I experienced go to waste. I also have a better idea of who I can trust and who I can't from now on. In the end, I can only really rely on myself. Thatís the cruelty of life.

I love to write. I feel more centered then. I think in the end I still have to live life according to my dreams.

I was supposed to go help my grandpa get meds tomorrow, but I'm just going to go down for a visit instead. My arm just freshly healed from the injury inflicted by the bus. Should be better from now on.

I want to take a break and just free form write and explore for now. I donít want to stress myself out too much.

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