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  1. Happy Memory #1033 - Normalcy

    by , 10-12-2016 at 06:35 AM
    I think I got too stressed with my schedule and wasnít focused enough. I wasnít sure what happened, but here I am, back at square zero, in my room again. A lot of things changed. New mattress came today.

    I wonít let anything I experienced go to waste. I also have a better idea of who I can trust and who I can't from now on. In the end, I can only really rely on myself. Thatís the cruelty of life.

    I love to write. I feel more centered then. I think in the end I still ...
    Tags: life
    Happy Memory , Life
  2. Happy Memory #1032 - Falsehood

    by , 09-27-2016 at 09:08 AM
    Received some bad news today. But life goes on. I still havenít given up on my dreams. There was supposed to be a doctorís appointment today but they got the dates screwed up after I specifically double-checked the previous time. No idea whatís going on.

    I donít know what happened the past few weeks.

    I donít know whatís going on.

    This whole world has gone reaaaally weird.

    Whatever. Not my business to bother or care.

    I still ...
    Happy Memory , Life
  3. Happy Memory #1031 - Kubo

    by , 09-23-2016 at 05:30 PM
    Stressed out the past few weeks. I think thatís what led to me acting out. I feel a lot better now.

    I spent the whole of yesterday watching anime and playing Dead Zone. It was scary at first but then it got really fun!!!! Now I have enough storage space and I can store lots of stuff inside so my survivors are happy. I really like it as a sim simulator with zombies.

    I'm watching food anime and the food is really delicious!

    I was surfing the web last night ...
    Tags: food, movies
    Happy Memory , Life
  4. Happy Memory #1030 - Good Food Friends

    by , 09-18-2016 at 01:36 AM
    YAAAY! I feel a lot better. I went out with E yesterday and we ate a lot of nice food. I also enacted some plans. I wonder how itíll turn out. I hope for the better since I want to see where it leads.

    Let bygones be bygones. I'm not gonna hold a grudge. Just move into the future.

    I ate some Vietnamese food with E beef combo soup, spring rolls, chicken wings. They ran out of yoghurt!!! So we couldnít try it.

    Then we had delicious waffles and ice-cream. ...
    Tags: animals, food, friends
    Happy Memory , Life
  5. Happy Memory #1029 - Burger Museum

    by , 09-11-2016 at 04:38 PM
    Havent blogged in a while. Been really busy going out cos it makes me feel better. Went to the museum to see a Christianity exhibit, then went to the gardens to look at lanterns!

    We got vouchers for catching pokemon! I cant believe we actually got it cos we arrived really late. I think the lack of reception except in certain areas and the fact that it was in small print made us get it! :D

    I had a delicious wagyu burger while my mum had curry chicken. The burger was ...
    Tags: family, museum
    Happy Memory , Life
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