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  1. Poolproof Insights - Muscle Commentary

    by , 02-02-2016 at 07:32 AM
    PHWOAR! PHWOAR!!!! WHAT HAPPENED!? Today I stepped out of the house and there were TALL GUYS TALL GUYS EVERYWHERE! Omg. Have they been hiding under a tree and suddenly they sprout like mushrooms?

    Okay, let me give a running commentary.

    Tall Guy No.1 was in the lift . I got a bit of a shock when the lift door opened and he was standing there. cos I didn’t know my block had tall guys. He was Asian and had like… a super slim waist and super skinny arms. He doesn’t workout ...
    Tags: body, swimming
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  2. Poolproof Insights - Body Esteem

    by , 03-24-2015 at 09:50 AM
    Gogglepathy: the feeling you get when you see someone struggling with their goggles and you feel empathy for their pain.

    YAAAAY just came back from swimmming! I swam 18 laps today! Actually I was aiming for 20, but then when I took stock of my body’s condition, based on how it feels, I felt that 16 would be good too. But at 16 I felt like I could do a bit more. At 18, my shoulders started to ache, so I stopped. Aw yeaaaaaah!

    I feel like I’ve taken Human Growth Hormone. ...
    Tags: body, swimming
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  3. Poolproof Insights - Pool Girl Remembers

    by , 02-25-2015 at 07:20 AM
    Ouchie, I stubbed my toe. Actually I tripped over my own foot at the edge of the pool and nearly fell in when I was getting ready to enter the pool. I’ve also been slamming my arms into the doorways at home. Not used to the whole routine yet, I guess. Have to move slower. My toe still hurts though. :( kinda sore. At least I didn’t fall into the pool. Kinda wish they had slopes at the pool instead of ladders.

    So, today, before The Tragedy of My Toe, I’m walking to the ...

    Updated 02-25-2015 at 08:01 AM by Reluctanine

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  4. Poolproof Insights - Mother-in-Law

    by , 02-24-2015 at 07:04 AM
    Lady 1: I was lucky, I had my mum to protect me.

    Lady 2: Your mum? Your real mum or your mother-in-law?

    Lady 1: My… my real mum.

    Lady 2: Ah? How would she protect you?

    Lady 1: Well, every time it was dinner time, I would eat with her.

    Lady 2: Huh?

    Lady 1: Because she lived downstairs from him, right? She told me when it’s dinner time, let him go up and eat alone with his mother. So that she doesn’t feel like ...
  5. Poolproof Insights - Aunties

    by , 01-05-2015 at 08:17 PM
    Woman 1: Oh and some of them have even better bodies than 20-30 year olds.

    Woman 2: Yeah, some of the guys nowadays have such doughy bodies. No muscles at all. So weak.

    Woman 3: Yes! And some of the old men can swim so well. Even though they’re 70-80 year old. They have such a nice form when swimming!

    Woman 2: Yes. One of them was swimming like this and that. Their strokes are really good.

    Woman 3: Oh, so for the stroke, I do this to train, ...
    Tags: body, swimming
    Life , Poolproof Insights
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