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Wabi Sabi for Writers Book Review Part Two

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by , 04-06-2016 at 12:26 PM (1226 Views)
I believe it’s possible to participate and observe at the same time. How can you fully observe if you’re not participating? Near the book’s end, this is what he advises.

Which I guess saves it. Some descriptions were a bit overworked though. But overall it’s one of the more artistically crafted writing books I've read so far. I learnt a lot of things from it and decided to try haikuing too.
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  1. Blindspots's Avatar
    Although I'm commenting on this quite long after you wrote your post, I really appreciate your personal review of this book :D I hope you didn't feel imposed upon, though, when I expressed interest in the book ._.;;;

    It's interesting how you chose to post about the community aspect of this book. Being around people isn't that comes to mind when I think about wabi sabi, people tending to be loud and energized when together, and wabi sabi tending to be quiet and subdued. I think I see how furyu comes into the picture, then: being unusual from a crowd, though that unusualness still from being influenced by others' unusualness, so artists aren't as isolated by each of their uniquenesses as it seems.

    Then about the writers banding together but still encouraging each other to develop their own writing, I got reminded of something by Rilke about true companionship being about protecting each other's solitudes, allowing the individuals room to grow. Maybe artists across different cultures aren't too different after all.

    And then the part of observing while participating in the next post. While the writer cited non-Japanese writers this time, I'm (indirectly) reminded of ichigo-ichie, that each event happens only once in a lifetime, and should be cherished as you live through it. Full participation will then lead to fuller insight for your work.

    I wonder if the "conversations" with Basho were effective in the book. Hard to say without having read it completely.

    Again, thank you for posting about the book ^^
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