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  1. Poetry 15 WORDS or less!

    by , 07-07-2019 at 06:07 PM (Pippi's Stuff)
    Just kidding!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pippi View Post
    Remember the INFP
    Who wrote succinct poetry?
    He died.
    We cried--
    Not really, but anecdotally.
    Art , General
  2. Ten Minute Series of Three Romantic Limericks

    by , 02-16-2019 at 06:54 PM (Pippi's Stuff)
    Quote Originally Posted by Pippi View Post
    There once was an ENTP,
    And it very well may have been me,
    Who wrote a nice poem-
    Just like I'd have wrote 'em!
    And now here's the last line! Yippee!

    There once was a poem by Pippi.
    On rainy days, it was drippy;
    On sunny days,
    It shone its bright rays.
    Like weather, this poem was flippy.

    There once was a ten-minute poem
    Yeah, you got it: Pippi wrote 'em
    A whole series of 'em
    You just gotta
    Art , General
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