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Share your love for the "Firefly" TV series and its follow-up movie "Serenity"!

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This is a discussion on Share your love for the "Firefly" TV series and its follow-up movie "Serenity"! within the Book, Music, & Movie Reviews forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; The writing and direction in the series and film are superb, as are most of Whedon's works. I elevate this ...

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    The writing and direction in the series and film are superb, as are most of Whedon's works. I elevate this above all of his other works because I'm a huge fan of westerns, and I like sci-fi enough, so the combination of the two plus great characters made it essential viewing. I still watch the series and film at least once a year.
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    It's not quite Firefly, but I would say that if people dig on the "western do-good'r" vibe, you might want to check out the Magnificent Seven TV show that was on in the late 90's, early 2000's. It has Ron Perlman (Hellboy amongst many many roles; I <3 Perlman, even if he's ugly as sin) and Michael Biehn (if you said 'who?' that okay; he was Reese from the first Terminator movie in the 80's) in it, with a nicely varied cast.

    Mag7 is based on the old western movie of the same name (even the first episode is a rehash of the movie plot), and while it's never ever as good as Firefly was it still has some good moments to it.

    And there's two seasons on Netflix, so it's not like it'll cost you much.

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    Fuck I love this show. I saw the series on re-run on sci-fi channel before the movie actually. My fav character has to Mal, he's idk so honorable and loyal and I love that. River is my second favorite though... Shes so entertaining. My fav relationship between characters is Simon and River. My favorite episode is the very last one on the DVD where the bounty hunter comes to get River. fav quote of the series "well, they tell ya to never hit a man with a closed fist...But it is on occasion, HILARIOUS!"
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    Other than Star Trek TNG and DS9 my favorite show. Really a shame it was canceled, but at least there was Serenity.
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    This deserves bumping. Delicious bump for awesome thread, here you go thread. *bumpbump*

    Who is your favorite character and/or what do you love about one or more of them?

    River. Because she kicks ass, is beautiful, abstract and complex while being innocent and simple at the same time. You just want to protect her from the world, but then she turns around and scares you shitless by BECOMING YOUR SHIP.

    Which relationship between two or more characters do you find the most interesting or entertaining?

    Malcolm x Zoe 4 Ever...or something. I always thought they made an awesome pair and no two characters really had quite a complex relationship. The other comedic/romantic pairings always felt forced or cliche. These two played off each other so well it was always fun to watch.

    What was your initial reaction to the show and when/where/why did you end up watching an episode or the whole series?

    Holy crap, cowboys in space. I finally get why my dad likes Randolph Scott! Clearly, all westerns would be inherently superior on board a starship.

    Which episode or episodes do you especially enjoy the most?

    All of them. Seriously lol.

    What do you think of the movie (try not to use SPOILERS in case people are reading who haven't seen it)?

    It was well made and everything, just kind of depressing when you realized how much better this would have been stretched out over a few seasons. I can't help but see all the unused potential when I watch it, but it's a hell of a ride and I never get tired of watching it.

    Posted below, my favorite scene in the entire series. First time I saw it I just about choked to death laughing. It's just...perfect and Mal's reaction after he kicks the guy is just priceless.

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    I must admit that I didn't give the show a fair chance originally. On the first night it aired, the Train Job, I watched only part of the episode and did not watch it again until after the end of the series. Probably reading comments on a Star Trek board is what pushed me to watch it again.

    I saw Serenity opening night and thought it was excellent. Really a disgrace that it was a flop, yet the disastrous Revenge of the Sith released the same year was another financial success.

    I saw the movie again in the theatre and brought my Dad. He enjoyed it. Last Christmas I got him the Firefly DVD set and he and my Mom watched all the episodes.

    Why must shows like this be so rare?
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    Huge Firefly fan here as well. Great concept, great characters, great writing. I concur, Whedon really knows what he is doing (though I could never really get into Buffy). It is a pity Fox does not. My favorite episode is Jaynestown. Favorite character...hmm...probably Kaylee. Minor crush. Brilliant stuff. I also, unfortunately, watched Serenity first. Afterwards, a friend of mine brought over the boxed set and we had a Firefly weekend.

    For me, the Battlestar Galactica remake more than successfully filled the gap left. It is probably my all time favorite Sci-Fi series (though they botched the ending).

    Quote Originally Posted by INFJ000 View Post
    I'm sure much more could have been done with "I am Legend"... great concept but as always I wanted more.
    I agree. This is esp. if you have ever read the novel of the same name by Richard Matheson, upon which the film is based, and know how absolutely brilliant it is. If you have not, I am not going to spoil it, but it is amazing. Though a bit cheesy at times, the old Vincent Price film probably comes closest to capturing the essence of the book. I found the second attempt, Omega Man, but just couldn't make it past the opening scene, with the convertible and the ascot. I think it is the best novel about zombies ever written (though they were actually, technically not zombies in the book), and perhaps even the greatest work of post-apocalyptic fiction only my opinions, of course). I would love to see a well-funded, accurate adaptation (or even a well done indie version). Maybe Wehdon could write the script and direct.
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    Shit damn i love this show! I only found it because i was talking to a friend about Castle and buffy was on tv, and he mentioned Firefly and loaned me the dvd of Serenity the next time i saw him. I just love some of the phrases they come up with (naturally, brain forgets ALL funny quotes the second i write that)
    My favourite character has to be malcolm, but i'm biased since i already watched Castle and so could draw a lot of parallels between the characters. But Kaylee makes me chuckle with some of her comments. Aw heck, they all make me laugh

    Book: "What are we up to, sweetheart?"
    River: "Fixing your Bible."
    Book: "I, um...(alarmed)...what?"
    River: "Bible's broken. Contradictions, false logistics - doesn't make sense." (she's marked up the bible, crossed out passages)
    Book: "No, no. You - you can't...
    River: "So we'll integrate non-progressional evolution theory with God's creation of Eden. Eleven inherent metaphoric parallels already there. Eleven. Important number. Prime number. One goes into the house of eleven eleven times, but always comes out one. Noah's ark is a problem."
    Book: "Really?"
    River: "We'll have to call it early quantum state phenomenon. Only way to fit 5000 species of mammal on the same boat." (rips out page)

    Wash: "Psychic, though? That sounds like something out of science fiction."
    Zoe: "We live in a space ship, dear."
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    I loved it. The casting and cast dynamics is legendary. This is not to mention the excellent writing and over-all cool sci-fi.
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    Firefly! Love it! It's sinful that it was canceled! DX They have offended the Gods with their impudence.

    I really liked the cliche'd lines they would throw out only to turn them on their heads. XD Great writing and characters.
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