[Just for fun] Guess the type of the person above you by the song they post. - Page 512

[Just for fun] Guess the type of the person above you by the song they post.

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This is a discussion on [Just for fun] Guess the type of the person above you by the song they post. within the Book, Music, & Movie Reviews forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; IS*P?...

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    Aggressively INFP.

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    @Rick Harrison I don't think this is your type but that song gives me ESTX vibes, leaning toward J.

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    INFP =D

    "Bauklötze" - Mika Kobayashi

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    INFP 4w3 sx/sp.

    Lyrics if the words are unclear:
    Why did it sound so familiar when you said my name?
    From the crystal lattice that makes up the nerves of your brain,
    And the hurricanes that you pulse through your veins,
    I know every current, every wave -- please stay..
    Please stay..

    Why is it that from worlds away, I feel your hands against my face?
    Why is it that when morning comes, it makes this feeling fade away..?

    How did I have no idea, that I needed you?
    My world ended once but began again, born from just us two.
    Though it’s suffocating me everyday, though I know you’re so far,
    you told me, “Dear, be brave.


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