Dedicate a Song to a RL Friend

Dedicate a Song to a RL Friend

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This is a discussion on Dedicate a Song to a RL Friend within the Book, Music, & Movie Reviews forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Well, the same as the Dedicate a Song to a PerC Member, only here it's a non-PerC person. :D You ...

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    Dedicate a Song to a RL Friend

    Well, the same as the Dedicate a Song to a PerC Member, only here it's a non-PerC person. :D You know, a song that you relate to someone specific, but can't share with them for some reason. A song that says something about that person that you need to get off your chest. You get the idea. :) It doesn't really have to be a friend either, it just sounded good as a title. :P

    For my best friend. Because you're one of the best things in my life, you nutty procrastinating antisocial retard of a guy. ♥

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    I dedicate this to Luke.

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    To that spoilt egocentric bitch that I used to think was a friend of mine. Stop talking about yourself, you're not that fucking irreplaceable.

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    I miss you, best friend! I just wanna hang out with you and play Silent Hill and eat pizza and do dramatic readings of legendarily terrible fanfiction together.
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    I have a song or two for all my previous love interests.

    Fireman (ISTX) The words of the song describe my feelings towards him:

    Candyman (ENFJ) The vibe of both songs describes our interactions well:

    JJ (EXFX)The tone of the song reminds me of him:

    DR I didn't know him well or long enough to type him but when we parted ways this song was my anthem of what if:

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    This song is for my ex bf for high school. This song reminded me so strongly of the place where I spent my summer, and he also loves this song for different reasons. He was always glam/death metal and I was always alternative/jazz/pop but we always shared classic rock. I'm really proud he's still my friend all these years later. I guess there's nothing to be proud of, some people marry their high school mate but some people don't have anything, so I'll take what I can get. He conveniently always grounds me back to who I was.

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    And I dedicate this song to my ESFJ sister. It must be such a heart-breaking job to just be her. She protects my mother ferociously like a guard dog, and is loyal to a trash of a man who fathered her two children, she's definitely his superior. But she patiently endures it all, and takes his compliments about how she's a rock who holds their family together, and lords her bond with our mother over our siblings heads. Recently I had a falling out with her, because I can only take so much of her delusional loyalty to mom and the past, and she actually barged into something she wasn't even present for (what an Fe dom thing to do! Does anyone wonder why Fi rejects Fe?) like she had authority on the matter. But I still love her, she's a very smart woman with a background in biology, and I know she's going to raise all of her children on organic food as free of pesticides and the most local raw milk she can get. I actually always liked her most of all my sisters when we were younger, and it's not like I like her least or anything, but I don't relate to her anymore. She fetishizes Southern redneck culture in a way only someone too smart for it can, but in a much more genuine and enduring way than I ever possibly could, I mean my god she still lives there. On purpose.


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