post quotes from the book you're currently reading

post quotes from the book you're currently reading

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    post quotes from the book you're currently reading

    This is especially easy if you have an ereader. I find myself highlighting stuff all the time.

    Revolutionary Road (Richard Yates)

    "They could lie drowsing now under the sound of kindly voices in the living room, a sound whose intricately rhythmic rise and fall would slowly turn into the shape of their dreams. And if they came awake later to turn over and reach with their toes for new cool places in the sheets, they knew the sound would still be there—one voice very deep and the other soft and pretty, talking and talking, as substantial and soothing as a blue range of mountains seen from far away."

    "She didn't really want to talk; not to him,*anyway. All she wanted was to sound off, to make herself feel better by playing at being wistful and jaded, and she had elected him as her audience. He wasn't expected to participate in this discussion, and he certainly wasn't to go getting any ideas; his role was to be big, dumb, steady old Shep until the car was free, or until she'd gotten all the gratification there was to be had from the sound of her own voice. Then he'd drive her home and she'd make a few more worldly-wise pronouncements on the way; she might even lean over and give him a sisterly peck on the cheek before she slithered out of the car and slammed the door and went inside to get into bed with Frank Wheeler. And what the hell else did he expect? When the hell was he ever going to grow up?"

    "When he lit a cigarette in the dark he was careful to arrange his features in a virile frown before striking and cupping the flame (he knew, from having practiced this at the mirror of a blacked-out bathroom years ago, that it made a swift, intensely dramatic portrait), and he paid scrupulous attention to endless details: keeping his voice low and resonant, keeping his hair brushed and his bitten fingernails out of sight; being always the first one athletically up and out of bed in the morning, so that she might never see his face lying swollen and helpless in sleep. Sometimes after a particularly conscious display of this kind, as when he found he had made all his molars ache by holding them clamped too long for an effect of grim-jawed determination by candlelight, he would feel a certain distaste with himself for having to resort to such methods— and, very obscurely, with her as well, for being so easily swayed by them. What kind of kid stuff was this?"

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    I just finished reading a Marshall McLuhan biography written by Douglas Coupland. Pretty fascinating:

    "Marshall's brain was fuelled by fresh blood from the heart through not one but two arteries at the base of his skull, a trait in the mammalian world found mostly in cats and rarely in human beings."

    "These trips further inculcated in young Marshall a highly North American sense of distance, a sense of the infinite, and, on some subliminal level, a way of appreciating the need for people and information to cross the vastness of the New World."

    "Autism is no longer a binary diagnosis but is, rather, a spectral condition within which everyone exists, as they do within the depressive and schizophrenic spectrums. For example, there was Marshall's hypersensitivity to noise and sounds--loud and/or sudden and/or unwanted. The man disliked disruption of daily patterns. He disliked being touched or jostled. He loved ritual. He punned (punning is a form of disinhibition related to neural wiring in the brain's limbic system)."

    "But then we read a letter Marshall wrote to his little brother [...] and it shows within the emerging fuddy-duddy a burning white core...
    What I am now, I must be, more or less, for the rest of my life, and it gives me a queer feeling of hopelessness to think that all those large dreams of the powers and talents which I was to possess at this time for the bedazzlement of men and perhaps the "bedazzlement of Heaven with high astounding terms" are just a chimerical blank. I have no affection for the world. I cannot be sure whether my present indifference to its objectives and its pleasures is genuinely grounded in the love of God or merely in the despair of myself. At least I can say this, that my dissatisfaction is so deep that I cannot imagine anyone in history or anyone alive who I would choose to be (saints excepted because they weren't trying to collect from life) rather than myself."

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    When they were gone Willi shook his head and smiled apologetically at Nina .
    "Sorry about that, Love."
    Nina put her hand on Willi's sleeve. She leaned forward with an air of expectancy.
    "Melanie wouldn't let me begin the Game without you. Wasn't that awful of me to want to start without you, Willi dear?"
    Willi frowned. After fifty years he still bridled at being called Willi. In Los Angeles he was Big Bill Borden. When he returned to his native Germany-which was not often because of the dangers involved-he was once again Wilhelm von Borchert, lord of dark manor, forest, and hunt. But Nina had called him Willi when they had first met, in 1931 in Vienna, and Willi he ha d remained.
    "You begin, Willi dear," said Nina.
    "You go first." I could remember the time when we would have spent the first few days of our reunion in conversation and catching up with one another's lives. Now there was not even time for small talk.

    Carrion Comfort - Dan Simmons (Amazing book and author)


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