June 2018 (Recent Site Issues, New Mailbox Names, & Farewells)

June 2018 (Recent Site Issues, New Mailbox Names, & Farewells)

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This is a discussion on June 2018 (Recent Site Issues, New Mailbox Names, & Farewells) within the Cafe Communique forums, part of the Announcements category; Welcome to June. Welcome to the thrill of summer for half our userbase.... sorry the rest of you are pulling ...

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    June 2018 (Recent Site Issues, New Mailbox Names, & Farewells)

    Welcome to June. Welcome to the thrill of summer for half our userbase.... sorry the rest of you are pulling out scarves and cranking up those car heaters...

    Yup, as would be expected, we had a day of blip/blinky-ness when we moved to Google Cloud around May 31, 2018, where some functionality (like Thanks and Search) broke and some members could not get on site. Unlike with Dilbert, Vertical Scope worked with us quickly to remedy the major issues, although I'm not sure if the search is still wonky.

    If you notice issues, please continue to report them in the general Support & Suggestion area.

    The "Contact Us" mailbox options that send your messages to local staff are now going to [email protected] rather than the prior e-mail I was using. If you try to send to the old e-mail of mine directly, it will likely not be answered in the future. (See below for explanation.)

    Please use this new address or just go through the Contact Us page to ensure your request gets the response it deserves.

    Yup, it's what I just said -- you can now remove your vote from open polls. If you vote in an open poll, you should now see an "(unvote)" link when you look at the poll results. Click it to proceed with removing your vote.

    Even if you believe a particular request to be ill-imagined or pointless, please try to treat threads in the Advice Center with some degree of sensitivity. In general people have been good, but every so often something really goes south.

    The location exists for people with real needs to make real requests, and we would like everyone to feel comfortable using it -- that they will be taken seriously if they are vulnerable enough to share a personal item there. So if you feel you cannot respect a particular thread, please choose to ignore it and simply post elsewhere. Thanks.

    This might have seemed to have been dropped for awhile, but the staff has been doing ad hoc testing on two new templates that I expect to be soon released for general member feedback. They are similar to what we have aside from coloration and will at least offer a little variety -- and then please feel free to suggest further alterations in the Support thread so we can expand what we offer. This is just Stage 1 of getting new templates, and there will be more stages to follow. We'll get there.

    Sadly, this will be the last Communique that I write, although perhaps it will be continued by those coming behind me.

    I recently was offered a management position with my actual employer [my work here, like with all the staff, is volunteer], which has led me to being reassigned to a completely new area, with new staff to guide, new projects to oversee, and new processes to learn. It has been rewarding but exhausting due to the learning curve. Ultimately this means I have less (well, NO) energy to invest after hours, and this site deserves someone who can dedicate more time and focus to keeping things moving forward.

    All of which is my way of saying I will be retiring from leadership here at Personality Cafe as of this coming week.

    Looking back, the bulk of my posting at Personality Cafe had occurred from 2009-2011 or so. I was originally just scouting the site out but liked it enough to hang out and become a "series regular" myself. I enjoyed the in-depth discussion on a wide variety of topics (typology or otherwise), the crazy humor, the fast pace, the raw honesty. Having served for some years as a mod and admin at Typology Central, I was no stranger to vBulletin or the modbox when TreeBob approached me in 2014 to serve here. I didn't really have to overthink the offer; it was a great way to contribute to a place I had deeply enjoyed in the past.

    But there's a season for everything, and my time here on staff is winding down.

    To answer the most obvious question, I will be handing things off to Beth x, AKA beth deth AKA Bruiser McBethKnuckles and however else she is known. Beth and I both joined staff around the same time and even underwent our "trial by fire" together through one particular cold hard forum winter, so to speak. She has been an invaluable admin, someone I've relied upon regularly. She is no-nonsense, admirably decisive (well... moreso than me, I guess), and possessing a deliciously wicked sense of humor. I trust her input and know she has what it takes to keep things moving. Any future requests, communications, issues, care packages, Rickrolls, well-meant bribes, pleas for clemency, or sloppily worded and incoherent diatribes that used to be sent to me should be sent to her from now on. [You're welcome, Beth. Payback's a bear. ]

    To close this out, despite the mistakes I've made along the way, I hope that my time here has ultimately made the site better overall. I believe the current staff will continue to build on those values and work with membership to keep this site a place we are proud of.

    I could easily say, "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." My sadness at leaving is mixed with gratitude for being given the opportunity to serve. Even doing what would seem to be the "mundane chores" for people felt worthwhile to me, and of course then there were larger issues at times where I felt I was making a real difference. (Thanks to those of you who have reached out at times to express appreciation.) It honestly has been a pleasure, and even while I am enjoying the new opportunities I've been embracing, I will miss being here.

    I have many fond memories of Personality Cafe and look forward to seeing it continue for many years to come. The site isn't really an infrastructure or a colorful template or a collection of information, it's really a group of people... and that group is you. So thank you for being here, now and in the future.


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