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What is the real logic behind the ordering of the functions for each type?

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This is a discussion on What is the real logic behind the ordering of the functions for each type? within the Cognitive Functions forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; "Why" is a good question. I believe that it's important to look at all eight of the functions and how ...

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    "Why" is a good question. I believe that it's important to look at all eight of the functions and how we use them. There is a misconception that we only use four functions. In fact, you have the right idea, that if you are really strong in Fi, you're automatically going to be strong in Fe. However, the ordering of the functions is not wrong. The ordering has to do with personal preference and conscious awareness. Automatically Fi goes well with Te, so that will be apart of your function stack. Each function pairing groups together and forms that preference. But strength is an entirely different concept that isn't discussed enough. You can also grow in your shadow functions, but you're still one type. There is a lot of variability within a type due to the fact that we use all eight functions, and how the conscious functions work with the shadow functions. In order to grow within your most preferred functions, you will automatically be growing in your shadow functions, becoming a more balanced human being. This is why the stronger your type is, the harder you may be to type. Or if you are really unhealthy and neglecting what you're good at it, but utilizing your shadow functions, then you will also be harder to type.

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    Functions aren't what you're thinking they are, Si's 'inner world' isn't memory. Theoretically, the introverted functions are directed by the collective unconscious, not personal memories, not the personal unconscious or even the ego.

    The functions are 'psychological directions', each has it's own aim as to where it places highest importance. For example, if we simplify the perceiving functions (just for the sake of explanation) to Sensing = placing importance on whats on the surface & Intuition = placing importance on what's beneath the surface, they will each (at least occasionally) perceive something different. It's easy to understand that we can't place highest importance on both surface level and on beneath surface level at the same time. The importance of one set of information must be placed higher than the other, in order for us to understand a situation and accept it's validity. So instead of us/the ego deciding on which perception is most valid every single time we perceive something, the functions pretty much select the information for us/the ego.

    So from that, if the ego is directed by Intuition, then it places highest importance on 'beneath the surface' information and disregards any surface level (Sensing) information which opposes it. This means that the Sensing function must be unconscious, otherwise the two functions would be continually battling it out and pulling the ego in opposite directions. The same applies to Thinking & Feeling and to extraversion & introversion. In order for one to direct consciousness/ego, then anything opposing it must be rejected and forced into the unconscious.

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    Because Se doesn't do what Si does and vice-versa.

    Se doesn't stockpile sensory information and experiences, processing them subjectively and personally then comparing it meticulously for future references. It just sees the sensory data in its immediate environment and runs with it in real time. Same for the F, T and N.

    It's not a question of being weak or strong with functions, they are simply programmed to do what they do.

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