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This is a discussion on Ti vs Te examples within the Cognitive Functions forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I have an interesting one that I see regularly with staff meetings. In a meeting, what will often happen is ...

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    I have an interesting one that I see regularly with staff meetings.

    In a meeting, what will often happen is that the Ti-users will want to dive deep into a topic, get all of the pros and cons on the table and eventually reach a decision (usually one that everyone agrees on, but that's the Fe talking of course). The Te-users often think the meetings are a waste of time because people just keep on repeating the same things and everyone should have realized after 1 minute what the correct solution was instead of going over it for half an hour.
    This is something that I see come up a lot. The Te-users complaining that it's taking too long (not efficient) and the Ti-users complaining that they're the ones doing all the work during the meetings and that the Te-users aren't cooperating.

    There's a very common tension between these functions where Ti wants it done correctly and Te wants it to be done efficiently. You need very good communication if you want this kind of thing to work out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PiT View Post
    I really like this post to illustrate the difference. Ti emphasizes logical order while Te emphasizes practical efficiency. The two often intertwine, which is why I like to look at what sorts of arguments someone responds to to differentiate this. It is easier to hear an argument that is distinctly "Ti" or "Te" and decide which one you find more persuasive than it is to decide which between the two you tend to employ of your own volition.
    I'm glad it makes sense - I actually wrote this by comparing my own driving to my mother's (ISTJ). Though our thinking blended in many ways (after all, she taught me how to speed), we both clearly lean towards our respective functions in practice.

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