Help me summarize the functions!

Help me summarize the functions!

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This is a discussion on Help me summarize the functions! within the Cognitive Functions forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; So I tried to rearrange my knowledge about the functions but have some problems with Ni/Se - maybe you guys ...

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    Help me summarize the functions!

    So I tried to rearrange my knowledge about the functions but have some problems with Ni/Se - maybe you guys can help me.

    I started at the point that everyone has a somewhat framework or "map" of the world.
    The extraverted judging functions Je take stored information out of the map to use it in the world.
    Fe uses it to impact people and their emotions, Te uses it to impact the material world.

    The introverted judging functions Ji influence the structure of information in the map - how they are organized.
    Fi organizes information after their personal moral code: what is right and what is wrong. Ti uses it to organize it logically (how the "mechanics" work). (I hope you understand my gibberish)

    Now the Perceiving functions generally build the map. But I wasn't able yet to differentiate between introverted and extroverted perceiving. Someone once said that the introverted perceiving functions Pi build the map and the extroverted functions Pe navigate it. But I can't imagine how Ne-doms use Si-to build their map?!
    Anyway I would describe the Ni map as symbolical, abstract internalized experiences and Si as detailed concrete internalized experiences. Makes somehow sense that they create a framework of the world.

    Ne connects every information broadly and navigates the map in an abstract way. Se (most difficult to describe for me) then navigates the map concretely? Can someone elaborate on that?

    Anyway tell me what you think and what I didn't describe correctly ;)

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    Se and Ne are both exploratory, but Se explores the Physical outside world, where Ne explores ideas.

    Se tests the limits of your body and environment. Se learns by doing and moving around. In short: it collects information in the outside world. The big difference between Se and Si is that Si collects the information from the senses as information and interprets it, relating it to what is already known. Se deals more in impressions. The data isn't as concrete, which means that there's more attention to color, taste and interaction. Ni then takes these impressions and tries to construct a framework from it. Since the Se data is more vague, Ni also makes a more vague framework out of it.

    So if we're taking your analogy, Se provides the patterns that make up the map (a bit of coastline here, a mountain there) and Ni builds the map itself (a bunch of mountains in one area will probably be a mountain range for example). Together, they build the map by constantly refining it from a vague image. Once Ni has made a version of the map, Se will go out into the world and see if it's correct. Over time, the map will be more and more clear.

    This is as opposed to Si+Ne, where Si builds small parts of the map out in small detail and Ne branches out into new areas. This map will be very localized at first and continue getting larger and larger.

    At least, that's my headcannon for the whole thing. It seems to fit with how I see people work with information.

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    I tried to embody the 8 functions and kind of give a "what if I was a function, how would I try and control the brain" idea of how they work.

    Ni - how does the cog that is my life, fit and turn in the great machine than is the universe. What are the possible interactions of everything and how will they bring things into my life and what will they be. Why? How does it work? How does everything work... If I think hard enough, I can find out.

    Ne - How does that cog work... in that clock over there. How does everything work. Let me pop open the lid and see how it ticks! I want to see how everything ticks, tell me how YOU tick. I want to know what you would do under every circumstance so I can derive your inner workings. How does it work, how will it work, what can I change, how can I change it.

    Te - How do you know that? What is your source? Show your working out. I need to read this from somebody credible. I need to make a list, a reference point. Should I give information? It needs to be right. It needs to be checked, established and integrated into the spreadsheet of my mind. I only have so much space in my head for knowledge, I need to find credible information and absorb as much as I possibly can.

    Ti - Give me data, I am the No-Face of information. More.. more.. I can take all the data, good or bad I don't care. I will evaluate everything against what I know. I will find consistency, I will find truth, I will give you the truth. Nothing is bad, nothing is good, there is only data and I will crush it, I will crush YOU with it, and I will build you with it. I want data, and I will decide based on what I know if it's valuable. Don't ever hold data away from me... or I will hate you...

    Fe - What do they think? Do they like it? Does everybody like each other? What can I do to help them? Was it something I did? Was it something I didn't say? I need to make everybody get along and be friends. How can I be more likable? How can I make people I care about more likable? Everybody I love deserves to feel love, how can I give them what they need?

    Fi - Why did they say that? Does it conflict with my morality? Do I have morality? It feels false, is it false? I should go with my gut feeling, but I don't trust them. Why don't I trust them? Are they being sincere? I feel like my morals conflict with this person.. I don't like them.. It doesn't feel right.

    Si - I will always remember. I know everything that has ever crossed my path. I remember dates and places and faces and facts. I don't need to work out 1+1 because I remember the answer is two. Don't ask me to show my working out, I just know. I know everything. I am SANTA CLAUSE! I know who's been naughty and who's been nice, and I will never forget until the scales of justice have been balanced.

    Se - I see everything and feel in tune with everything. I know my immediate surroundings and I want them to be nice. I want luxury. I want sensation. I want fun, give me toys, give me flavours, make me feel and push my sense of touch to the limit. I want to be in it, I want to do it, I want to run, climb, skydive. I want to feel, let the adrenaline flow.
    hope you liked it. Not everybody that has those functions will think all that, keep in mind they would be tempered by their position in the stack, and how that would limit how much voice (and intensity) they would have ;)
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