Countries as cognitive functions

Countries as cognitive functions

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This is a discussion on Countries as cognitive functions within the Cognitive Functions forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; My boyfriend and I recently had a conversation where we tried to type national characters as cognitive functions. This is ...

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    Countries as cognitive functions

    My boyfriend and I recently had a conversation where we tried to type national characters as cognitive functions.
    This is what we got:

    - Fe: Italy (most romantic country ever)
    - Fi: Canada (cutest country ever)
    - Te: the Netherlands (TeSi - the Dutch are known for their directness and everything is extremely well-planned there; also they complain a lot about everything)
    UK (TeNi - successful warfarers and colonialists; slightly supercilious; absurdistic sense of humor)
    - Ti: Germany (TiNe - yielded many of the greatest scientists and philosophers in history; makes good cars)
    Swiss (TiSe - makes great watches; stubbornly individual (doesn't want to join EU))
    - Ne: India (crazy buzzing country; their religion encourages getting high and has 100s of gods with multiple arms and elephant heads and all)
    - Ni: Russia (yielded many of the greatest writers in history; dark and mysterious)
    France (arty-farty; a bit dirty; when national hero Serge Gainsbourg sang a duet with his daughter about the sex they could never have [YouTube: /watch?v=-vR0jpfOW94], everyone was kind of okay with that)
    - Se: United States (SeTi - everything is bigger in America; love for action and sensation)
    Spain and Latin America (SeFi - very passionate, party-loving and extraverted)
    - Si: Japan (SiTe - literally work themselves to death; traditional; proud; have rules for every social interaction; make exquisite refined food (displaying Si) and have very specific rules about how you should eat it to have the perfect sensory experience (Te); very weird (inferior Ne))

    What are your thoughts?
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    I would type Netherlands as SiTe over TeSi, because there's a very strong culture of "don't get noticed too much or you're out of here".

    Dutch directness comes in a few different forms. We're obsessed with punctuality and organization, which fits well with Si, but there's also a bluntness where we put efficiency over politeness, which could fit with Te.

    So overall I would say Dutch culture is mostly ISTJ, but I could be convinced of ESTJ, at least from a foreigner's perspective.

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    I agree with Japan as Si since there’s so much emphasis on social conformity and tradition in their culture. I guess “ideal” female personality in Japan is ISFJs, whereas males are kind of conditioned to behave with a stereotypical ISTJ mindset.
    I’d say that the UK is probably Si as well, since they prefer to stick to tradition.
    I guess USA is typically Se, but I feel like there are some parts (such as New York) that are more Te.

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    Te: Germany (ESTJ), Russia (ENTJ)

    Fe: India (ENFJ)? US (ESFJ)

    Ni: Japan (INTJ) Israel (INFJ)

    Fi: Canada (ISFP, oh yeah)

    Si: UK (ISTJ) Mexico (ISFJ?)

    Se: Italy (ESTP) Brazil (ESFP)

    Ti: Columbia (ISTP)

    Ne: China (ENTP)
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    The US is not ESTP. It is ESTJ by a)asserting itself on the world stage and competing (which can be confused for Se, but Te is equally competitive) b) sets standards and rules that it and other countries follow (obvious Te) c) mixes traditions with innovations (the hot dog, hamburger, and various other innovations come from tradition and are now traditions in the American mythos). d) likes for individualism, negative rights, and liberty (basically "muh freedom" to the memetic minds). But like ESTJs with inferior Fi, it is an aspiration as it does things that contradict individualism, negative rights, and liberty (the unintentional and ironic collectivism, the burgeoning police state, and economic and social policies that are not conductive to social and economic liberties). But then, combine Te's pragmatism with Fi's idealism and you're going to have a HUGE contrast with what is expected and what happened. The pragmatism might lead the way to the ideal, but it isn't (hence pragmatic) ideal.

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    USA: Fe
    Brazil: Se
    UK: Si
    Germany: Te
    France: Fi
    Russia: Si
    Japan: Fi
    Turkey: Se
    Iran: Ti

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hook View Post
    USA: Fe
    Brazil: Se
    UK: Si
    Germany: Te
    France: Fi
    Russia: Si
    Japan: Fi
    Turkey: Se
    Iran: Ti
    Brazil: Se
    UK: Ti
    Germany: Te
    France: Fe
    Russia: Ni
    Japan: Fi
    Turkey: Te
    Iran: Si
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    The UK is ESTJ. I live there


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