Ne lyrics & Se lyrics (gen. music)

Ne lyrics & Se lyrics (gen. music)

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This is a discussion on Ne lyrics & Se lyrics (gen. music) within the Cognitive Functions forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; both seem so adventurous, but I'm having trouble finding songs that fit one perspective or the other...

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    Unknown Personality

    Ne lyrics & Se lyrics (gen. music)

    both seem so adventurous, but I'm having trouble finding songs that fit one perspective or the other

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    Unknown Personality

    Maybe I am not being clear enough.

    All genres of music are not meant to appeal to one personality type, they are meant to appeal to a culture. But lyrics are different. For a musician, and artist, it's an expression, just as coherent as writing a short story. The only example I've heard of used to describe congnitive functions was Creedence Clearwater Revival's Bad Moon Rising. A song about clairvoyance.

    That Ni basis is not what I am wondering about today. I am wondering about songs with an example of extroverted sensing or intuition as the main perspective... leading the lyrics along ((which by the way I've found a song by Sublime, but it's a bit dark so I didn't want to use it as an example) and if you're well rounded in you're knowledge of CF then maybe you could easily, ably spot language that fits the Sensing or iNtuitive norm.

    Does anyone understand?

    Another example of Ni perspective that I didn't want to mention (that many Gen Ys may recognize)
    I remember w Kaskade by Deadmau5
    (which I used to read/pronounce ded-mow-five) yea laugh/.. i read more that i speak w/e

    I use this as an example because to me it does not signify Ne or Se

    As some other keen ESTP poster explained (an SP depth of thought to praise) Ne is the "why" and Se is the "how"

    If these example give anymore context, then excellent.
    If I am already derailing and misunderstanding the idea I thought of, then just give an example... why or how?
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    ISFP - The Artists

    Both Se or Ne music can be soothing or disturbing depending on the judging function (Fi or Ti) and also moral or social attitude of the person.

    So overall tone probably is not a good indicator. I think an Fi type could get angry and say something ugly.

    But for some reason NTP music really sticks out to me and bothers me. Like ...that guy Aphex Twin, I think I want to slap him down, I really don't like his music, though I guess I can appreciate (in concept) his message, it's just overall too disturbing. "Come to Daddy."

    Ok. GO AWAY.

    I feel that way about a lot of "adult cartoons." I think a lot of adult cartoons are ENTP or something. Hmm like Robot Chicken. It bothers me. I consider myself open-minded to different cultures, but "what if we had nuclear war and people were monsters isn't that funny" isn't funny to me at all. It's gross. It's creepy. I've actually seen things on Robot Chicken or those kinds of programs that turned my stomach, and I am not easily offended.

    I honestly think that's Ne and Ti.

    Ne and Fi bothers me a lot less, honestly. I am sure I have a lot less problem with it and MORE problem identifying it.

    As an Fi user, I am keen to identify Fi and hazy on Ne/Se. But I'm pretty sure I'm Se because how sharply Ne/Ti stands out to me as fucking disgusting.

    Se/Ti doesn't even bother me as much. "God Save the Queen." OK. Or "Girls, Girls, Girls."

    Ok. Motley Crue. The Sex Pistols.

    I can deal with it. Sometimes it's even fun, though I'm not going to listen to it every day or in every mood.

    By the same token, I am probably not going to listen to Ne/Fi or Fi/Ne music in every mood, though. I think it's overall probably too whiny for me. Like I love Morrissey. But I'm not going to listen to "Hairdresser on Fire" every day of my life.

    Se/Fi is more like "Green Grass and High Tides Forever" or "Calfornia Dreamin'."

    This I can listen to for days, weeks, years. I'm not saying I never get bored of it, but I always come back to it, and never feel awkward or mentally disturbed by it.

    P.S. That's why you hear stuff like I displayed (and worse) on radio 24/7...because SFs like it and feel comforted by it, so you'll hear it for fucking ever if we like it, just differing by culture, upbringing, and maybe SFP vs. SFJ.

    I personally really like that sort of "soft" 60s sound that is baroque pop or mystical or mildly psychedelic, or folk/Southern classic guitar rock from the 70s.

    An ESFJ you know might like One Republic instead.

    I actually kind of like that "Apologize" song.

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    ISFP - The Artists

    BEST STP VIDEO EVER (can you see the mocking of Fe here? It's a common theme in TP rock.)

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    ISFP - The Artists

    Ooooh....oohhh...that's an easy way to spot ANY music...Ti rejects Fe....and Fi rejects Te...that's actually the most common theme you hear in rock music.

    Country music (and some mainstream pop) supports Fe and Te more...combined often but not always with Si (in rejection of Ti or Fi).

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    INTP - The Thinkers



    Any contemporary hiphop song made, ever.


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