Effects of Psych. Medication on Functions

Effects of Psych. Medication on Functions

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This is a discussion on Effects of Psych. Medication on Functions within the Cognitive Functions forums, part of the Personality Type Forums category; I've been doing some research for the past couple of weeks on the correlation between medication for mental health and ...

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Effects of Psych. Medication on Functions

    I've been doing some research for the past couple of weeks on the correlation between medication for mental health and presentment of cognitive functions.

    My interest began after I started an SSRI for anxiety & depression in August, as once it settled in my system I began testing INFJ (IEI) instead of INFP (EII). Previous to the medication I had always tested as a strong INFP, with very high introverted Feeling and significant use of extraverted Intuition. After I began medication I noticed a serious drop in my Fi; all of that social aggression in expressing and presenting my personal views flushed out of my system, and I began to make judgments based in objective, rational thinking supplemented by an acknowledgement of how others around me would respond. I've stopped focusing in expressing as many ideas as possible, and my thought process has become a lot more linear - focusing more on a single, most profitable idea instead of the possibility of many others. It's kind of weird, because the functions for INFJs and INFPs are completely flip-flopped... which leads me to believe that either my thought process has sort of rewired itself due to the medication, or my interpretation of cognitive functions have been very, very jaded. :p

    Anyway, I would like to know your opinions; I figured I wouldn't be able to rest on the issue until I got out of my head and listened to a few concrete ideas. Here is a simple before and after list for better contrast:

    I. extremely principled; take pride in principles
    II. heavily idealistic, wanted society to reform to ideals
    III. heavily founded in emotionalism, shares emotions regardless of reaction
    IV. viewed the world in a jaded way; assumed others emotions through lens of own
    V. dressed to express own individuality and opinions
    VI. very warm, expressive, and wears heart on sleeve - almost jarringly so
    VII. day dreamed, but through an emotional lens; filtered ideas through possibilities coupled by personal opinion
    VIII. easily got into arguments over topics felt strongly about; once wound up in Fi, very hard to pull out
    IX. valued more time alone than with others; kept a steady energy when in presence of others

    I. holds own principles, but does not flaunt; reserved in expressing to others
    II. much more realistic, wants society to reform, but is flexible for the sake of harmony
    III. rejects emotionalism, reserved in expression emotions until sure of social appropriateness
    IV. attempts to view the world objectively, only focuses on emotions of others if need-be
    V. dresses to express individuality while being tasteful
    VI. warm, but in a chameleonic manner; distrustful of others and acts for the situation
    VII. day dreams much more; generates an idea and ponders on it in great detail for a very long time
    VIII. attempts to avoid arguments or addresses situation with rational; keep conflicts curt and short
    IX. values time spent with others; much more easily drained after social situations, values time to recharge

    If it helps, I noticed a change in Enneagram typing too.
    Before: 4w5 / 5w4 / 9w1
    After: 9w1 / 6w?? / 4w5


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