Based on cognitive functions, am i more of a J or a P?

Based on cognitive functions, am i more of a J or a P?

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    Based on cognitive functions, am i more of a J or a P?

    I have read a fair bit on cognitive functions and have come to the conclusion:

    I use Fi quite a lot, fairly inherent in my introspectiveness and unwillingness to show deeper emotions.

    Ni as well, I can come to a sudden realization while pondering something else quite unrelated and its just like a I got it moment. I dont know how or why I got there but I have and its hard to explain it to people sometimes. (I thought I might be an Ni-dom as this sort of thing keeps happening, Dj vu and predictable experiences.) I dont often look at the details but the big picture first but when I do I tend to hyperfocus on it so much so that I can seem nitpicky and stubborn.

    Te in me being very pragmatic and more concerned about maximizing efficiency and disregarding the process. Recently I have definitely become more assertive, in telling others what I want or how it should be done. If were doing a group project and I dont think your way is going to work, then I am probably going to express my thoughts, although with a certain amount of tact there. If there isnt a person in charge, I sort of become the unassigned leader, delegating and planning the tasks to be done.

    Si, I consider myself quite sentimental and compare new experiences to old ones in order to gauge its usefulness. ( I think I use Si more than Se)

    Fe when being around people, I want to create a harmonious atmosphere for them and can be rather extroverted. ( in some ways I feel like it is in conflict with my Fi as I feel that Im being very superficial around people)
    Ne, I bounce my ideas off people and ask for opinions all the time. I am also indecisive and keep my options open, yet sometimes when I make a decision I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. (for example, I do not like menus that have a hundred and one selections on them, I prefer perhaps just a few choices to be placed there.)

    Ti, before jumping into anything, I want to have a basic understanding of the subject, I want to grasp the framework and the structure and then start to collate more information that ties in with my thinking. But I do not like theory for the sake of theory, I would rather there be some sort of practical application for it to be useful.

    Se, I absolutely hate any sort of physical exertion, which means sports of all kinds are a goner. I adore photography and go out on trips to capture all sorts of fascinating imagery. Although I am more concerned with the aesthetic quality then the emotions behind the picture. I think I live more in the future as compared to the present as well.
    I am a huge procrastinator and an extreme perfectionist as well. I am pragmatic and value myself to be more of a realist than a dreamer. Yet while saying this, I am very idealistic and can somehow envision the perfect way to do things or to live our lives etc.

    My guess for my first function would probably be Ni or Fi. What would my second funtion be? ( not too sure)


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