What's even a feeling?

What's even a feeling?

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    INFP - The Idealists

    What's even a feeling?

    And how is it different from thinking?
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    An aural tone that wells up from inside, or can be seen in others.

    Just kidding, it is just an affect that lacks words. It is a quality, measurable by something inside.

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    Feelings, emotions, and thinking all overlap. A good place to start is here:

    John Voris The Difference Between Emotions and Feelings
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    Both are neurological processes with biochemical reactions that occur within and affect basically every system within us.


    They're connected, though there are varying hypotheses about how and why.

    Theories of Emotion

    Theories of Emotion - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

    There are also different types of thought. We begin absorbing information and stimuli from the moment we're born and our neural networks adjust accordingly (on top of the innate structure we're born with, which varies from person to person). What experiences we're exposed to, what stressors we encounter (and how those are resolved (or not resolved)), what culture our language develops within, everything, will affect how different impulses are coded as personal thoughts or emotion throughout our lives. We are virtually never without bias and we are never thinking completely independently because we always conceptualize things within a prior frame of reference about what is real or not real (though this frame of reference can expand, as from the beginning it includes potential ways to do so... as survival). Emotions are kind of catalysts to action although, if you read the different "theories", it's not that simple either. Different actions also influence thought and emotion. It's really quite fascinating.

    There's a lot that science is trying to uncover about thought and emotion -- after all, understanding that the brain is an important organ is relatively new knowledge. I hope to be a part of it.

    But as far as cognitive processes within this personality theory, I believe thoughts and emotions are one in the same. It's just that they manifest differently in different people, biochemical (thus motivational) impulses will differ, structure of cognition and understanding will differ.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Here's an interesting video where in the first 10 minutes he explains the difference between thinking, feeling, and emotion:

    From a Jungian perspective:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jung on the process of Thinking vs Feeling
    Supposing we hear a noise whose nature seems to us unknown. After a while it becomes clear to us that the peculiar noise must come from air-bubbles rising in the pipes of the central heating: we have recognized the noise. This recognition derives from a process which we call thinking. Thinking tells us what a thing is.

    I have just called the noise “peculiar.” When I characterize something as “peculiar,” I am referring to the special feeling-tone which that thing has. The feeling-tone implies an evaluation.

    The process of recognition can be conceived in essence as comparison and differentiation with the help of memory. When I see a fire, for instance, the light-stimulus conveys to me the idea “fire.” As there are countless memory-images of fire lying ready in my memory, these images enter into combination with the fire-image I have just received, and the process of comparing it with and differentiating it from these memory-images produces the recognition; that is to say, I finally establish in my mind the peculiarity of this particular image. In ordinary speech this process is called thinking.

    The process of evaluation is different. The fire I see arouses emotional reactions of a pleasant or unpleasant nature, and the memory-images thus stimulated bring with them concomitant emotional phenomena which are known as feeling-tones. In this way an object appears to us as pleasant, desirable, and beautiful, or as unpleasant, disgusting, ugly, and so on. In ordinary speech this process is called feeling.

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    I have almost no emotions. I'd say over 95% of the time I'm not feeling anything or, if I am, it's so repressed that I'm not aware of it and cannot tell if I'm feeling anything. My emotions are not only level, they're virtually nonexistent altogether. Is this cognitive function related? Perhaps Enneagram related? Both? Neither? Extraversion - I don't prefer to introspect and uncover emotions? I'm a Ti-Fe extravert and type 7w6, if that helps.

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    What is right versus what is correct​.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Wanderer View Post
    What is right versus what is correct​.
    Isn't something correct, something right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaladinX View Post
    Isn't something correct, something right?
    Can't feeling and thinking be the same thing?

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Wanderer View Post
    Can't feeling and thinking be the same thing?
    Yes and no.

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