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Do you make money online?

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This is a discussion on Do you make money online? within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; For women, selling your panties. If you have a talent, build up a reasonable following and set up a patreon ...

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    For women, selling your panties.
    If you have a talent, build up a reasonable following and set up a patreon page.

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    Youtube and Twitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ponpiri View Post
    For women, selling your panties.
    You just have to be a girl...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mir0esfj View Post
    Youtube and Twitch.
    Lol how did you make money there? Are you famous?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirCanSir View Post
    Lol how did you make money there? Are you famous?
    I've found streaming for charity is more useful but the money does go to charity.

    If I stream again I want it to support OCD foundation.
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    I make some online. Mostly I sell used books online, but it is not particularly lucrative. I'm currently trying to figure out something to either supplement or replace book sales with that will net me a better margin of profit and be less labor intensive. Occasionally I get a hold of a hard to find title/series and that's always nice. I once bought a set of books for $9 that I resold for almost 200 but that is definitely not the norm. Most books net a slim margin of profit and you're often competing against those who seem to be fine with selling books at a loss.
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    Guys, how to increase sales? What do you do?

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    i used to be one of those teenagers selling stuff on their facebook profile
    it lasted for a couple of months, it was a good experience and im glad i did that, even when theres not a significant profit
    i was a reliable seller, shipping stuff on time and such, i know a lot of my friends who jumped on the “selling stuff on facebook” bandwagon, saw there wasnt much earn, and literally forgot about their customers and being a total lazy ass about it, so im glad i wasnt that

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    Does remotely login in to client machines and fix their problems count as online? If so, then I make 2/3th of my money that way.
    The other 1/3 is actually going to the client and actually see people (I know scary but it can be fun sometimes).

    Working online in standard sense is trying to compete with India and other low cost countries. It is possible in the more creative fields but highly unlikely. So unless you plan to be the next youtube (or other platform) star; you'd make more $ flipping burgers or something like that.

    Unless you want to do online trade (ebay and stuff). I spoke to someone selling school books on amazon a couple of weeks ago. Sells about 10k a year. He lives like in the middle of nowhere (cheap housing).
    But you really need the friggin trading mentality and I don't mean stock trading.
    I know another person that does the same with Jewelry and stuff but he employes 3 people and has an actual store in the jewelry district. Makes a nice living.
    But bottom line for it is; if you know how to make money IRL, you know how to make it online. If you just want to make it online because you are shy/afraid of people; you ain't gonna make much. Online is just the marketplace you prefer to use.

    That's my 2 cents at least.
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    I teach and I code.

    Both pay rather well. 100% of my income is made online atm and has been for the past two years.

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