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This is a discussion on Computer programming within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Originally Posted by PerfectTea And what about those who are not very math, but really want to learn programming? As ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PerfectTea View Post
    And what about those who are not very math, but really want to learn programming?
    As a beginning programmer, you don't need to know much beyond arithmetic.
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    It depends for what. Maybe the answer could be php because of the bunch of webthings. But not necessarily. Programming language are a bit like musical instrument. You can take a violin, a saxophone, or a piano, it's still componing/playing music. You can basically do the same, but I guess all are not the same.

    Programming is for me as an universal form of schematize. English codes english sentences.

    To draw, to paint, to whatever are like programming. You create something and you can experiment this. It's like to read a book or watch a movie. You figure it out after.

    But programming is special : it's mechanical, it's virtual, it's 'infinite'. Programming can do 1000000 things you could suffer to do just by 10 seconds performing it. Plus, it allows to avoid errors, like typo in cycles. We are not as perfect. When you work with an animal to dig the ground of your farm, you don't take the animal place, or the wheel. Human and programming is the same complementarity. It permits to verify, to elaborate, etc.

    But it's not limited to one domain : maths, games, services, libraries, arts, operating. Programming is like a videogame, it's like a sudoku, or a adventure.

    Programming is like our new flint.

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    Coding is extremely fun at the beginning. The you get it and you start to perform. Then creative and what happens is usually new languages. Starting from say c++, then python and so on. What you do basically is to raise both performance and efficiency to a perfect level of accuracy. This has led to code that writes code. Machine lerning deep learning, ai and the irobot outcome over time. Some intjs said to me irl that it is good that this is happening as the humanity eould merit even less. I argued against them all for 15 years, now today I think humanity has lost all of its collective humanistic ideals. This means the time for the new era is directly at hand.

    What id do if i were at the age of where most of uou are is to focus on the after life and finding a way to gain a somewhat clean conscience instead of programming. Programming was done and over with when softs started to not only write softs by gain hardware around that soft to operate among human respurces. Thats a bit serious. It will come sooner to us than wed wish it would. Much much faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PerfectTea View Post
    And what about those who are not very math, but really want to learn programming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeSangDeCentAns View Post
    Programming is about who you know and what you are. If you are good in office politics, you can make it. If you're into diversity, you'll have a chance. If you're mildly older, then you've got a problem. If you're a woman, you're born with a employment boon. Negative marks if you're a white male.

    BTW, I'm not joking at all. That is reality. First hand account.
    Office politics? What about the countless remote programmers making fat stacks these days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aladdin Sane View Post
    I've tried learning computer programming and I am learning web dev but I know it isn't for me so I am not taking it that seriously. People say 'you don't need Math' and yes you don't need to know Math but it requires the same sort of mathematical, systemizing sort of thinking. Programming is basically just like solving math problems. Qualifications required? None, but Ti and maybe Ne. Programming is a very ENTP/INTP/ISTP activity. Whether it is boring depends on your interests. Are you into tech? Do you enjoy logical problem solving tasks? Are you more interested in 'things' than in people? Programming is very abstract, requires working alone, attentation to detail and focus. I would go insane if I had to do this as a day job but some people love it.
    ESTP too

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    Having a highly developed feeling even for INFPs, being born to ESFP dad who is good at maths) and ISFJ mom(not good at maths though logical) everything beside basic maths bores me or stresses me to even look at, i can do it but i have to keep effort since it doesn't interest me. Same with programming. Except Javascript. I love physics though.

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