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What Do Y'all Think Of Standardized Testing?

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This is a discussion on What Do Y'all Think Of Standardized Testing? within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I'm fine with these kinds of tests, but I'd agree that some people rely too much on the results....

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    I'm fine with these kinds of tests, but I'd agree that some people rely too much on the results.

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    I don’t really care for that at conferences they mainly show scales of where your kid scores and the national average on a test. I would rather hear how my child does in the classes in overall package as far as participating, presentation, homework, class room discussion, and classroom tests. It pretty boring just to see state and national test averages and scales. I mean my kids are always ok on these tests but it’s pretty boring to look at a dot on a graph as a conference feedback on my child from their teacher.

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    Pointless. Why not just raise the bar??

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    I'm neutral in regard to standardize test, but I do see an issue with them. As some already said, it doesn't really evaluate one's abilities properly, just how you properly take the tests. And I always found this weird (and I may be projecting), why are most of the important tests (SAT/ACT, etc) at such a young age? I mean, most have not even developed or even found their interests or talents at that age and such tests are a significant determinant in deciding where we can go.
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    I can see how it's kind of a best fit method of measuring how well the student is doing in school, but don't find the results of it to be that meaningful. You can memorize the entire course material and score A on the test, but that doesn't necessarily mean you understand what was memorized. Also, some subjects are really pointless and decreases motivation to learn it (this is highly subjective to the interests of the individual). If a child knows they want to be an accountant one day, why do they need to learn advance calculus? When would they ever need that? When the calculators all self destruct on a whim?

    You can argue that everybody needs to be educated and tested in certain courses, but then, why not educated in courses that the average adult living in your country will need once they step out into the real world? I know some schools offer courses such as taking out a loan or mortgage, but it's not as common as it should be.

    I'm aware that it's not realistic to create a mass educational system that can cater to different groups of young children based on their interests/strengths, but at the same time, I find a lot of the courses they're forced to take to be pretty pointless later on in life.

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    I see the value in a test that can compare the results of students nationwide. If there are specific things a child should have learned by a grade level then it would make sense that there is a way to assess the quality of the teacher's ability to teach them what they need to know by the time the class is over.

    However, I think that schools end up taking it a bit overboard and making teachers "teach to the test" all year long. Standardized testing should be in the back of there heads and should serve more as a reminder of what they need to make sure kids know. Drilling through test prep material all year surely isn't teaching. It's forcing people to memorize material that isn't serving them any use past the day they take that test.
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    Means nothing when they give you time to study it, surprise or pop quizzes and tests give a better way of showing if they actually know the material

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    I think social and emotional well-being should be the first and foremost focus in education, because I believe that children who are socially and emotionally well adjusted will go forward with natural curiosity and information absorption. There is a very short window, for kids to develop healthy/optimal thinking, feeling and behavioral patterns (not to say this cant be changed later, neuroplasticity is real, but it's much harder to re-wire once specific patterns are set, and all experiences are being taken in via those patterns.)

    I don't think it really matters if a kid learns cursive or division or certain histories, when they are 8 or 18 or 28.. tbh... there is a lot of shit taught in schools that will have no real relevancy for what our future holds. But if they can be taught how to feel healthy, secure, to introspect.. taught how to relate well with others, to see ourselves as a working together, rather than competing, it'll set the frame-work for all other information or schools of thought to be better absorbed and, utilized.

    The benefits of meditation/mindfulness practices are so massive and indisputable, in their ability to reduce anxiety, depression.. increase brain matter, help emotional regulation, balance hormones and brain-chemicals.. it's an absolute shame that our current educational system isn't putting almost any emphasis here. Not to mention that it requires very little resources (oh, now that's a little telling isn't it?).

    Standardized testing is complete BS.
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    My first reaction is, standardized testing is awful, but my real opinions are more similar to:

    Quote Originally Posted by Strelnikov
    Standardised testing also provides an objective, non-discriminatory measurement of whether or not a person meets certain minimum standards of knowledge and competence.

    Now, is standardised testing done correctly? Most of the time: no. I think standard tests should cover the general basics, not higher more specialised aspects. Also, grading can be a problem. I think, as a general rule, standardised testing should have pass/fail grading system or at least fewer grades. Even if you have more grades, their importance is limited and the weight assigned to them should be lowered to prevent teachers from teaching the test only.
    This as well:

    Quote Originally Posted by ultracrepidarian
    But if they can be taught how to feel healthy, secure, to introspect.. taught how to relate well with others, to see ourselves as a working together, rather than competing, it'll set the frame-work for all other information or schools of thought to be better absorbed and, utilized.
    Standardized testing isn't unreasonable but it's done poorly. Arguably the educational system in the US is done poorly. We need a lot more focus on how to live well rather than what to know. But it's a lot easier to get people to agree on the facts that should be known rather than the philosophies that should inform a well-rounded life.
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    I think they want too much from children who are too much young for care about career. Where I came from it doesn’t matter if you had good grades at hight school or not, nobody care. Every University have their own test, if you make it, then it doesn’t matter your grades from high school. I really didn’t care about future when I was 16 or 18.. but University is new start, new life, you can go in best university in my country with E-grades, just survive, University will test you during your study.

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