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Is your current job one that is recommended for your type?

View Poll Results: Is your current job one that is recommended for your type?

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  • Yes, my current job is recommended for my type, and I like it.

    13 20.97%
  • Yes, my current job is recommended for my type, and I feel neutral about it.

    6 9.68%
  • Yes, my current job is recommended for my type, but I hate it.

    1 1.61%
  • No, my current job is not recommended for my type, but I like it.

    19 30.65%
  • No, my current job is not recommended for my type, and I feel neutral about it.

    11 17.74%
  • No, my current job is not recommended for my type, and I hate it.

    12 19.35%
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This is a discussion on Is your current job one that is recommended for your type? within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I commonly type as INFP. I currently work as a caregiver in a residential home, it's the best job I've ...

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    I commonly type as INFP. I currently work as a caregiver in a residential home, it's the best job I've ever had. I love caring for people. My Fi is soooo rewarded through constant instances of joy, sorrow and compassion. And I still use my preferred communication Ne to entertain the residents there.

    My dream job used to be a composer or musician, but I really struggled with finding meaning when I tried that alone. I need people around me to care for and to care for me. I've connected with the humanity deep within that longs to be part of a caring tribe and family.
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    1st, never had a 'Dream job'. I don't know what that is.

    2nd, yes I like my job.

    3rd, I guess? ISTP 7w8... janitor/facility maintanance manager.

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    I had 2 choices in 1993. Medical field or techie field. I'm an INFP who hates being in hospitals. So I did the techie route 20 years & retired. Didn't enjoy a minute of it but I enjoyed a few of the people I worked with. Glad it's behind me. Lots of ESTJ & ISTJ there. Some nice, some assholes.
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    I'm ISFJ and was in counselling for 11 years - that's a recommended job for my type, so yes. I'm now into something more administrative - also considered a good fit for detail-oriented ISFJ types. But too much admin work bores me - I need to have people interaction or creative work to be truly fulfilled.

    My dream job would be working in a zoo or as a vet, probably. Working with animals, or children...
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    There are recommendations of jobs suitable for my type, however, I don't even like the idea of being employed.

    Currently, I am employed, yes, but my job is bearable, sometimes I even like it.
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    2/4 of my job is a fit


    I work with mental and physical health.
    I have worked the industry in different arenas and capacities

    I am really good with processing, implementation/procedures, operations, training, scheduling, etc as far as that capacity

    I am also really good at redirecting many mental health situations and applying recreational and occupational therapies, applying incentive based scenarios, and decent about inspiring results through motivation. I am often disturbed and bothered outside the call of my duty, by those seeking assistance for crisis response navigation whether be medical physical or mental health crisis.

    Yes all those things I am damn good at, apply to my strengths and I like

    Now things I suck at: I cannot stand the more tedious shit where it applies. The more hum drum maintenance. Also while I tend to fair well on navigating a lot of it, I don’t love the part of my job which entails strict black and white policy. I definitely like more grey areas to operate.

    Also in the industry of healthcare emotions can come into play ALOT. I usually find the level of emotional enabling from fragile ego’d workers, who exploit this very inappropriate but subtle and manipulative method to be a turn off to work around. And frankly my industry just has a lot of people who really confuse empathy or sympathy and professional boundaries and appropriate ways to navigate this and not feed the beast. It can be extremely emotionally draining for me at times. These kinds of coworkers really piss me off just not a fan of that kind of method in action. Also ya gotta think as I said I am very much damage control right, so of course I find it fucken annoying as hell when someone who wants to be good cop gives someone too much candy then calls me hysterically after I said don’t hand out too much candy, well shit oh did that back fire and now ya have someone in a sugar high and you want to act all confused. Fucken people This is when coworkers get my very brash side. I don’t mince the fact they contributed to the problem. So then you have people who are butt hurt because they had no business pandering to a significant mental behavior or didn’t heed my advice on how to avoid a urinary tract infection. And then they want me to be bad cop. (PUSSIES) Way too many people in the industry think all they need is the quality of wanting to help people. Well that is fucken useless if it cannot actually be translated into a useful working action.

    My practical dream jobs while working for a company is:
    General Operations/Managing: Basically just promoted further on what I already do
    It’s the most action packed combo of things I like

    Or I think just expanding on my recreational, occupational, and physical therapy strengths. Like as far as outside general operations, if I were to pick more specialty strengths of mine I would really enjoy running this specific operation

    Or 3rd would be working directly even further expanding on Crisis Response

    (I know I am currently being considered for both General Operations Manager & Crisis Response right now.) While I am good at both I think they are leaning towards me specializing in the expansions and development of Emergency Crisis Response. This is literally because by volume I have a very successful track record just by number of fewer incidents and following the right procedures and de escalation of emergency situations and intervention, with the clinical understanding from the medical end and the training capacity. Both apples really, just two different kinds of apples.

    Outside those it would be to start my own business and format it the way I want and work for myself:
    Unfortunately I found out my state has moratorium in effect so until that is lifted the only way to hold a corporate license in my state is to have enough money to purchase a pre existing company which already holds the licensing required. So unless I can raise 1.5 million minimum pretty much SOLz. Now just to be clear here that moratorium will eventually HAVE to get lifted because the state will not be able to sustain the needs and housing further out when more baby boomers hit peak needs mixed with persons younger with mental health needs. So sorta just waiting for that to turn. When the moratorium lifts than I will be able to set up from ground zero and apply for a license but until then, whelp I will stick to my next best options.
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    Yes, I write environmental education curriculum for children, occasionally work directly with kids, and also work in a low-key part-time cannabis industry job packaging (hold up, in California, these two things are not incompatible, I am a wholesome person who supports farming families and my local economy, whilst the legalization of the plant in question protects the environment and frees people of color from unfair jail sentences).

    I'm pretty sure writing, natural sciences, working with children, working with plants or food, and working in small groups are all recommended jobs for ISFPs.

    I got to draw a watershed yesterday, the fun thing about working with kids is that you get to be a kid.

    Honestly though I'm "underemployed" (one of the Millennial many!) since I left LA and no longer compromise my values. I won't work in a restaurant that serves meat, and won't do anything that exploits my own body anymore (my young adulthood was filled with such fascinating, lucrative exploits) and so especially living in a hippie tree town, I've probably got to figure something else out.

    Public schools are OUT for me. I have two sets of people contacting me, wanting me to apply to their private science and enviro ed schools in San Francisco - but I don't want to live in San Francisco.

    I may have to move to the Bay Area or Portland, or back to LA. Maybe somewhere like Santa Barbara or Santa Cruz. It's disappointing but I think if I want to make any sort of money I'll only be able to stay here through:

    1) Public school teaching
    2) Working for a government agency, or
    3) Gold digging

    I'm happy-ish. I don't like worrying about bills, I kind of miss the sort of money I had in LA. I think maybe if I shared life responsibilities with a partner I would care a lot less, but being single intensifies personal responsibility.

    Summer camp jobs prolly aren't gonna cut it.
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    I'm not really sure.

    I'm a Salesforce Admin, which basically an software development type job. I manage the Salesforce soft, build on it, create automation, so on. However, the role is very creative, and it's high collaborative with the company, meaning it's as much a social job as it is a technical job. It's unique in that way, and that's why I love it.
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    INTP and I work in an I.T based role. I build business processes and occasionally integrate robotics into those processes.

    I like the job and seem to be good at it, but it's not my dream job. I'm not quite sure what my dream job is.
    Whatever job combines the study of the following into one: Philosophy, literature, history, and archaeology.

    Probably some kind of museum curator.
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    Sorry for going a tad off the cuff here, but just wanted to say that I think the ESFJ/caretaker stereotype is pretty hollow in my experience. What I've found more true is that ESFJ tend to excel in areas that require someone to be able to show enthusiasm. In the professional services area I see a lot of ESFJ and ISFJ, especially in change management/human capital consulting. They tend to come in when there's a new IT system being implemented, to make sure end users understand upcoming changes to how they do their day jobs and essentially to get their buy-in. One thing that SJ's do really, really well that I struggle with is presentations - they make amazing slides, with visuals and wording that flow well together when you present. In general I find them to be extremely professional in their work. (cue, end SJ love fest XD)

    Personally - I'm also in management (IT) consulting. We help clients with strategy, which often means building IT systems. In my job I sit down with clients to understand and map out how they do their job, then coordinate with development teams to make sure whatever we're building will facilitate their work and also simplify it and/or speed it up. A lot of what I do involves digitizing paper-based processes.

    What I'm doing now is pretty much ideal, at least content-wise. Tech is an INTJ thing, though my particular role is much more client-facing/outwardly accountable and visible than I think most INTJ would prefer. The INTJ in me is great at understanding the steps of complicated systems and processes, and where they snag or could be made more efficient. Intuition gives me a constant intrigue with new tech, which is a must in our field since tech is constantly morphing. The Enneagram 1 in me creates a vision and standard of how these things "should" work, optimally, and what actions need done to get there. There's also the 2-ish side of wanting what we do to influence/impact the client, wanting what we do to make them happy, and wanting to "be it all" for them. Of course I'd be a bit disingenuous to not mention the long hours, over-extending, over-ambitious timelines, and constant travel. But I see these as being a trade-off that has to be made.
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