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Anyone else having trouble getting work?

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This is a discussion on Anyone else having trouble getting work? within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Originally Posted by anaraqueen yes. one year of unemployment the ~perks of being a journalist It can be a tough ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaraqueen View Post
    yes. one year of unemployment

    the ~perks of being a journalist
    It can be a tough field to break into I hear. If you really have a passion for it then follow that dream! Wish you good fortune. *fingers crossed*
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    I currently have a couple part time jobs I'm trying to piece into full-time.

    But I'm not really suited for either, and every place I apply to rejects me.

    The people I work with suck, and I don't have any marketable skills.

    Just ugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eroticarmin View Post
    Being made redundant sucks. It's a bit different from getting fired. When you get fired it's usually because you weren't performing well or you were not doing something right etc. Anyway, I got made redundant because the company I worked for wasn't making enough money and they couldn't afford to pay me.

    Now it's really hard to find another (paid) job. I've applied to so many places but haven't been successful, it's so frustrating. And it's not like I have zero experience in anything, I've done work experience before, plus my previous job that I had for 4 years, and I currently volunteer 3 days a week just for something to do and to gain more experience.

    It's not only me though, the economy absolutely sucks and it's hard for a lot of people my age to find a job. I knew one guy in his 40's with loads of experience, wonderful resume, still wasn't successful. I also notice not many companies want to train new staff anymore either it's like, "must have 30 years experience even though you're 25 years old" type thing. This is in Australia. Our problem is we built soooo many shopping centres and retail outlets but we have hardly any infrastructure or factories where we actually make our own products like steel for example. The country just can't run on clothes and food stores.

    Oh, there are a shortage of nurses but I know that is just not for me, I don't have the patience for that and I don't like seeing anything 'gory' even stitching a wound. Plus a lot of nurses get abused and their management doesn't care, which is very wrong.

    Anyone else finding it difficult where you live?

    I've applied online, have handed in my resume on person, have gone into shops saying if they have work, have talked to staff and managers about positions, a lot of them say, "Just apply online", "But I did", "Then apply online again". Also said I'm willing to do training and courses if I need to.

    Absolutely nothing.
    Sorry that happened to you! It's not just you, I'm in a similar scenario right now. I only had a part-time job, but it was actually in an office at my school that completely shut down, so now I'm jobless. I've applied to a lot of places, but most won't call me back. A couple have given me interviews but I haven't heard back from them yet, and I don't think my interviews went particularly well. I don't even want to imagine what finding a full-time job once I graduate will be like.

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    millennials are the entrepreneurial generation, not because they're so badass but because they're broke af.
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    Quote Originally Posted by And1 View Post
    It can be a tough field to break into I hear. If you really have a passion for it then follow that dream! Wish you good fortune. *fingers crossed*
    well two months later and i'm still unemployed but hey! thank you for the kind words
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    I forgot I made this thread....

    I did get an interview for a manager job but then I realised its sooooo far away!! >_<

    My sister said my resume is fine but I needed to fix some little things, I did that and hopefully it's better. I've applied for two jobs this week, now I'm just waiting to hear back.

    Looked for some work today, wasn't anything suitable for me... they were jobs like car mechanics and electricians etc. I'm not trained in that! Hah...
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    Anyone else had any luck?

    By the way, something you probably already know, but if they ask for a photo, that's just weird,you don't need a photo on your resume.

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    It took me nine months to get a full-time job after graduation. When I got the offer I almost couldn't believe it. And after I got the job I kept thinking I'd be fired or let go for some stupid reason. It's been almost five months and I haven't been booted, so it's a relief. I'm still trying to be frugal and save up because you never know when stupid shit will happen.
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    My life with ADHD

    Lets work

    9 hours later

    Working and investigate about something have no link

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    i get most of the jobs i do interviews for, and i get interviews relatively easily when i do look for opportunities
    thing is that i really struggle with the laboral life so i either leave them after a couple of months or never start at all

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