Social Work, Counselling, or Psychology?

Social Work, Counselling, or Psychology?

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This is a discussion on Social Work, Counselling, or Psychology? within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; My mom says that social work is the best field to go into.. I think because it would give me ...

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    Social Work, Counselling, or Psychology?

    My mom says that social work is the best field to go into.. I think because it would give me a lot more options for less education.
    Counselling seems to give fewer opportunities for less education.
    I want to go into psychology but my mom says the degrees are useless unless you get a PHD or something like that.

    I want to work in mental health somehow.. Im not sure my moms way is my way..

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    Social work degree would count for a lot more as it entails a lot of the same psychological theories. Psychology really is more if you want to pursue up to a masters or phd in order to do assessments that youve done training for which often entails the clinical diagnoses in whatever area you’re working or to do research.
    Social work is certainly more of a fast track in terms of education and can still go for masters and make a decent amount and whats good I think is it doesn't isolate the state of the person as being inherent to the individual unrelated to the social world. Psychologists consider this also but their solutions are individualized and wheres there is a broader setting to intervene and collaborate with someones issues in social work.
    A psychologist could certainly go the route of counselling although as mentioned above it can entail more. But could still go for that is smaller courses perhaps as added to being a social worker.

    In terms of how much your education might cost, what youll likely learn and what you can do after graduating, i can see the sense in doing social work. But if you really want to pursue other things then you certainly can, just try and figure out if those pathways and ends are what you really want. Because if your idea of mental health and what you want to do isn’t really specific to say what psychology specifically offers as distinct from something like social work then you might be doing more than you need.

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    I'm not a social worker, but I'm in a field that collaborates with them a lot. The burnout rate for them is quite high. It's very tough work. And it often draws very empathetic people who are especially affected by the types of stress that social workers have to deal with (seeing people in terrible situations).

    I'm not saying don't do it. We need social workers and it can be fulfilling. But definitely try to ride along with them or do an internship before committing to the field.
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    I was being pushed into social work and i decided that i didn't want to do it, but people were like you'd be so good at it. and its like but i don't want to and i don't think i'd be happy doing it. i don't think i could to be honest i think it's too stressful for me. so make sure it's absolutely what you want to do.


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