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Not getting hired? 10 reasons why

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This is a discussion on Not getting hired? 10 reasons why within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Originally Posted by geekofalltrades I didn’t hire you for a reason - Cenedella - Job Search & Recruiting Advice Blog ...

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    This article has very interesting points. The last part about being fast, I actually do that as I like to reply fast and not leaving anything pending. Thought curiously, it happened to me in a reversed way - back then, before getting hired by my current company, I've had another company that wanted to hire me, but was slower to proceed so that they lost me to my current one. :P
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    10 is my only problem out of this list...but how am I supposed to get experience if nobody will give me a job?

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    Here's one reason that makes all 10 of the reasons irrelevant: NETWORKING!

    Once you establish a good network of "friends" relevant to your field of interest, you can get a job like hot knife on butter; the more the merrier.

    I made a dumb mistake and burned the bridge on a good network friend. I didn't realize how good I had it when I didn't even need an interview to get that job. I did so well in it too! But I had to leave because I had to finish the bachelor's degree. BAD DECISION! Never leave a job in your field for anything! Get the 1-3 years of experience. Then think about what to do next. Listen to the company's and network friend's advice or there's no turning back. Once you burn the bridge, they're gone forever. I also lack the network so I'm currently struggling.

    Remember, Priority #1 is NETWORK.
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    This reason plays in part with the above post:

    Whilst slim, the company has great friends with the past firm you worked for and found out got fired for XYZ reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueguardian View Post
    I personally hate #10... If you don't have a job, you wont have experience, if you don't have experience, you wont have the job.
    I bitch about this all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fn0rd View Post
    There's this thing called "volunteering". You, and many of the others in this thread with this same complaint, may care to check it out.
    Well I wouldn't assume that people haven't attempted to find internships. I personally can't afford to take no pay full time. I have those annoying food requirements. I have said I would take very low wages or free internship part time and I haven't gotten anything so far. I am learning a broad range of technical skills and at some point I am just going to know so much it will be stupid to not hire me. That is my plan.

    I hate when people get all superior. Let us hear your story. Did you work for free full-time to start?

    Anyway what specialized skill set do you need? Maybe I will learn that shit:)
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Proof View Post
    unless you don't have any experience in which case what do you do ?
    You could always volunteer/work free in exchange for training and references. A barter system basically.

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    I just have bad luck. Plain and simple. Places have kept me for at least three months. Everyone likes me at work, all my friends are from work. I make time enjoyable at work, and they have told me they want to go by my quality standards to measure everyone else but they still don't hire me. Some companies just don't want to pay everyone's health insurance plans and they abuse temp services. It at times doesn't have anything to do with a person at all because I know I can do any task they give me. I just need to be trained one to three days on it to get used to it, but after that, I know it like the back of my hand.

    If people viewed me as cocky or something, that's their misinterpretation. I'm just there to do my best so I can get hired in. I'm not in competition with anyone at work.
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    Number 10 is one of my problems. I need to have experience before I'm able to even get any.

    Other than that, the majority of those tips are common sense.
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    #10 is the sole reason I am not employed, and yet it's a oxymoron.

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