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Should I give up on my dream?

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This is a discussion on Should I give up on my dream? within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; The lawyer I have now was actually a late in life graduate. So no, it's never too late! The co-counsel ...

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    The lawyer I have now was actually a late in life graduate. So no, it's never too late! The co-counsel I have is VERY experienced and was early in life lawyer. I must confess that both are competent and KNOW their craft and I think so long as you have passion for what you are fighting for, you'll be amazing at whatever you do :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamarine View Post
    What if I tell you that I am an INTP and I have both? I never seen it as a disability, just something that I dislike strongly.
    It was just an ironic joke, I was making fun of simplistic categories

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Meepers View Post
    I'm not sure how related to cognitive functions it is, if at all, since a fear and anxiety over math is very common. I suppose in that sense you could think of it as a "disability", but it is actually kind of common, so calling it a disability may cause people to not realize how common it is (I don't think the term "disability" is usually used when it affects a significant portion of the population, such as around 50%) and that there are things people can do about it.

    Edit: Although, if the anxiety is so bad that it causes someone to break down at the sight of math (or have a panic attack), that would probably be considered a disability. But since the OP is considering law (well, asking us he he can instead of immediately saying that he can't) despite having to take more math classes, I would think that is is unlikely his anxiety is on that level.

    Below are just some quotes that may give an idea of just how prevalent it is.

    "The personal and educational consequences of math anxiety are great. Math anxiety affects about 50 percent of the U.S. population and more women than men. Researchers knowRequires Adobe Acrobat Reader that math anxiety starts early. They have documented it in students as young as 5, and that early anxiety snowballs, leading to math difficulties and avoidance that only get worse as children get older. Researchers also know that it is not related to overall intelligence."
    - Education Week: Timed Tests and the Development of Math Anxiety

    "Math anxiety in teachers, a problem that the education community has been aware for several decades, remains a significant challenge. McAnallen’s dissertation work, which included a survey of almost 700 elementary school teachers, found that 38 percent reported experiencing some kind of math anxiety."
    - Math anxiety doesn't just affect students | STEMwire

    If it disables him from doing something most people can do and assume of the people around them, then it is a disability. 50%, that's interesting. Whatever his problem is, whether its just a natural lack of ability or a natural avoidance/fear/anxiety, it is clear that it IS affecting him. He paid $2500 for tutoring for a class he only got a C in. $2.5k, aka the cost of getting an associates degree in the US, or a semester of learning at a state school. He needs help, something has to give, because $2500 is an amount that is completely and totally not required for someone who won't struggle with a topic immensely because of something they are simply not capable of understanding.

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    I'm probably going to be a failure because I have such a hard time with math
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    Quote Originally Posted by john.thomas View Post
    I'm probably going to be a failure because I have such a hard time with math
    Whaaaaaaaat? People tell you that it is okay if you are not good at math, that you can still be a lawyer, so assume you will be a failure because you have trouble with math???

    Listen, I feel like that sometimes, not the "being bad at math part", but the feeling that I am may fail or being scared to fail. And I will tell you this, my abilities, or lack there of, have never held me back, but my fears what what held me back. If you are determined enough, you don't have to worry about failure as much because you will learn that it is okay to fail. You can fail and try again. And, even if you never succeed, at least you know you tried. But when give up before you even try with a self defeating attitude, then, you are not giving your best and you are setting your self up to fail.

    If this is your dream, then I would hope that you could handle a few failures before you succeeded. As long as you are determined, then you will find a way to succeed in those math courses. But if you are not determined and you go in afraid and not fully engaged (because you lack confidence and/or determination) then you are so much less likely to succeed. Your attitude towards math and yourself is probably going to be your biggest obstacles, not your actual abilities.

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    Do you have another dream to take it's place.
    If not. NO!
    Who cares what it costs, you should be willing to pay any price for your dream.
    A persons dreams is really all that person has.
    To give up on them is giving up life itself.
    Now obviously you can switch dreams, but to give up. NEVER!

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