UT Austin and INTP

UT Austin and INTP

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This is a discussion on UT Austin and INTP within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; How is the University of Austin for INTPs? Of course, each person has their own experience, but I'd like to ...

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    UT Austin and INTP

    How is the University of Austin for INTPs? Of course, each person has their own experience, but I'd like to hear INTPs' personal experiences. I'm going to attend UT this fall. I like the campus and it seems pretty diverse because it's so big, but I'm getting a huge E and J vibe from there. That might just be from the people in my high school who are going to attend, but still...

    (I've already posted this in INTP forum but maybe it is better in education.)

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    It's the same as any other university.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anarchitektur View Post
    It's the same as any other university.
    Quoting for posterity.

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    Austin is cool, I think they try to stay ahead of the curve in some areas, but if you're thinking about state college in texas, go there.
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    I have a lot of friends who go there (being an Austinite myself), and they all love it. Its a very multi-cultural and open area for others looking to fit in. I think you will be fine.
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    Another sip. SMH

    Gig 'em.

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    UT is where to go. I just moved to Austin (Round Rock) and I'm considering UT for a master's degree.
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