Architecture vs Engineering

Architecture vs Engineering

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This is a discussion on Architecture vs Engineering within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Can someone enlighten me on the difference between Architecture and Architectural Engineering? Both academically and career-wise? And in plain English, ...

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    Architecture vs Engineering

    Can someone enlighten me on the difference between Architecture and Architectural Engineering? Both academically and career-wise? And in plain English, what do they exactly do?
    Does the Architectural Engineer get to design too?

    I was seriously considering going to Architecture school but now I'm having second thoughts. I thought I was so sure of what I wanted to pursue but not anymore. I've been thinking of Engineering as an alternative too, Architectural or even Mechanical.

    + If you have an opinion on which should I pursue I'd like to hear that.
    For that matter, I'm an INTP 5w6.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This may be of help: Infograpic: The Difference Between Architects and Engineers | NSAD | NewSchool of Architecture and Design

    Got that from Google.

    Are you more or less interested in the design and artistic aspects of architecture? If more so, consider pure architecture. If you fancy the science and math required to make design drawings come to life, perhaps focus on engineering. Keep in mind that this will also depend on your school, and there will likely be heavy parallels between the two focuses.

    I will say that an engineering degree may grant you broader opportunities than just architecture.

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    Architecture, as far as I'm aware, is just drawing designs and ideas from your mind, within logical reason.

    Engineering is an actual science.

    Architects make designs, then the engineers tell them if it's actually gonna be possible or not.

    Architects probably have a lot of very grand/awesome/beautiful designs which the engineers then say are impossible.


    Architectural Engineering may be the best of both worlds.

    It would be good if you could post a link to show the architectural engineering courses you're interested in.


    Straight engineering and mechanical engineering are very far removed from architecture. At their most extreme ends, engineering is just science while architecture is just art.
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    That's strange, in my country Architects are both engineers and artists. Maybe architectural engineering would be better for you according to what you say.

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    I was an architecture major for my first semester in college; it was very time-consuming and difficult. The earlier assignments have little to do with building structure or even design; if you do not like the content that follows the introductory assignments, than the program is likely not for you. There are not a lot of job opportunities for architects in comparison to engineers either. If you do decide to go into architecture, make sure that the school you go to has other options that interest you, as you will likely want to quit.


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