What is my next move?

What is my next move?

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This is a discussion on What is my next move? within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; I am turning 26 in 3 months so decisions will need to be made. I am interested in life extension ...

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    What is my next move?

    I am turning 26 in 3 months so decisions will need to be made. I am interested in life extension technology, space, politics, and Antarctica and I want my career to be concentrated around those fields, especially where they all intersect. I have a BA in Philosophy from one of those land grant universities and a certificate in management. My cumulative GPA is poor, 3.0x, I chalk it down to being young, unfocused, and concerned elsewhere..(women lol). I have had held internships or employment at a vet hospital, universities, walmart, stores, and currently a casino doing various tasks such as event management, security, customer service and office work.

    I have a lot I want to do, but Im unsure which programs might best fit me given my current situation and my future goals. Those goals are as follows;

    1) Contribute significantly to the pursuit of the lengthening of the human life span.
    2) Study, explore, find use of Antarctica.
    3) Contribute to to the effort to make non earth bodies habitable.
    4) Enter African politics and contribute to the effort to improve the social economic conditions of the continent.
    5) Write a couple books.
    6) Attain a Ph.D.

    As I'm only turning 26, doing each of these things is feasible but I'm trying to get on the right academic tract so as to set myself up for success.

    Any advice on what that may be, given my academic and professional career so far?

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    This isn't exactly relevant, but I swear in another thread you mentioned that you are essentially apathetic towards woman. They are something along the lines of the annoying friend you had growing up? Now they are one of your distracting "concerns elsewhere." Since you're 26 with such lofty goals, a good place to start is being honest with yourself.

    Now... Onto the shit that actually matters. You mediocre GPA in a practically useless degree won't help you on any of your future goals except 5 & 6, and that is assuming both your books and Pd.D. thesis would pertain to philosophy. And I suppose its applicability to 4 is debatable, but that is not important. Being realistic, goals 1, 2, and 3 will probably require a new BS. Biology is one that comes to mind that, in at least some capacity, hits all three of the aforementioned areas. To make a significant contribution to the field, you are probably looking at Masters and Ph.D. programs in the long haul, so it's good that Ph.D. is on your list. Since it is your life I assume you will be doing the exhaustive research to find your niche in the field of study.

    On your professional career: While it's great that you've had several jobs that are all much different from one another, they aren't feasible steps toward any of your goals unless they were strictly attained to pay for your future degree(s). Although the jobs are not completely fruitless, as they still show experience and diversity.

    You're 26. While you are still young and allowed to dream, it would be wise to begin pushing some of the goals on your list to the back-burner -- as in decide which ones are truly important. Unfortunately life is quite short, so attaining them all is improbable. My advice is to meditate deeply on the issue and choose three. For example, if you start chipping away at 6, then 1 & 5 may naturally fall into place. Other combinations I see: 3-2-6, 1-4, 6-2-3, etc.

    It should be noted that achieving even one of the items mentioned on the list would be considered an amazing feat. So you better get on top of your shit or I just wasted 10 minutes of my life writing this response. I'll be disappointed.

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    I have a year left of prereqs for med school, but no real healthcare experience except for the vet med job I held for 6 months. My science gpa is better, like 3.2 and I took the chem sequence, and a bio class, and a physics class, plus I did up to calc 2. Really, I need o chem, and another bio, and the last physics, and to get As..But its possible, I suppose. Its just a year. Its only 7 or 8 classes total, to be eligible.

    I could go to law school but gpa is a problem, Id need to own the lsat and Id still only end up in the bottom end of tier 14. And I wouldn't go to any other law school except for Yale. And getting into Yale would be hard..a long process, a back door process. Id have to go to law school here for a year and do extremely well, then Id have to go back to Africa for 18 months and become a qualified lawyer there, then Id have to come here and pass the bar to be a qualified lawyer here, then Id have to apply to Yale and finish my JD/LLM, if they would even admit me in the first place. But, given that Id already be a qualified lawyer? Who knows. But for law, Yale is my only option. But there are so many questions there, once Im qualified back in Africa, how easy is it to be eligible for the bar here? Its only a few states that consider it. Then, once Im admitted to the bar here, going to Yale, is it to finish my JD or for an LLM? And, would I have to take the bar in Connecticut too?

    I could buy an mba from probably most schools...and specialize in technology, but Idk, business is like meh

    The Ph.D will be done back in Africa..Im originally from Africa and I need to stop messing around in America and go back.

    I dont see any other really viable options.

    I could just say eff it, go back to Africa and join the military, and do it the hard way. All these hoops Im being forced to jump through to get what I want..ugh..

    In the end, it will all become clearer once its known which school is chosen. Im thinking the choice will be Yale, just to make things harder for me than it needs to be.

    If not Yale, then Stanford or Columbia. And if its Spelman, well thats just aces..Id just go Morehouse and that would be that.

    You know, the whole game could be given up way sooner if people weren't being so stubborn? People arguing with destiny, now what am I supposed to have done? Hell, Ive been barely keeping afloat myself, Im actually, well supposedly, reluctant. I can see why too..its just a life of stress, and its not even mine. Ugh. Getting cold feet waiting. Hurry up, people.

    If I get denied from whatever school is chosen in America, I think I will go to London, South Africa, or Australia. In any case, its just a matter of months now. I need to calm down.
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