Simplistic guide for figuring out a career path (writing this for myself also)

Simplistic guide for figuring out a career path (writing this for myself also)

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This is a discussion on Simplistic guide for figuring out a career path (writing this for myself also) within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; ok, so we all heard that we should follow our passion and similar junk which doesn't work. Below I'll condense ...

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    Simplistic guide for figuring out a career path (writing this for myself also)

    ok, so we all heard that we should follow our passion and similar junk which doesn't work. Below I'll condense some research material and common sense which will allow our sorry lot to take a look at our lives and decide on a career course based on something more substantial then "follow your passion". I'll also share how one can learn better.

    We all know that a career will require significant amounts of time spent learning. So how do ppl learn? There is a theory out about "learning styles", but that is garbage as the science says there is no difference in how you acquire information and preferably one should do it in all 3 ways: visual+auditory+practice.

    How you learn is simple: The material you learn needs to have meaning, as in it needs to be important in your mind. You will find learning personally non interesting material to be nigh impossible as you can't summon the other factors needed: concentration, visualization, making connections, repetition.

    So to learn something first you need to be interested in the subject, then you can summon the necessary concentration for about 25 minutes at a time, where you then through a method of mental visualization (seeing it with your mind) try to understand the logic and you connect the information together into a functioning whole eventually arriving at a "big picture" understanding which you then can try out if possible IRL by testing or doing over and over if needed. Take a break every 25 minutes or so and do something rewarding otherwise your concentration may fail and you'll be wasting time trying to learn, but not remembering anything. If you are in a "FLOW" just go with it, no breaks.

    It is for this damn reason why passion does not directly translate into a career. You could potentially suck at your new and temporary passion by not having any innate strengths for it.

    Now on to how you can identify a good career path.

    STEP 1: Figure out who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are. Know yourself and for fuck's sake don't lie to yourself.

    STEP 2: Figure out what you do all day, what you did most of the time since idk age 7 till now. Some patterns will emerge. Everyone has them. For example I always messed around with technology (computers mostly), have a deep understanding of the fucked up darker side of the human soul (depression and shit), knack for languages, reading people and understanding society so you like me probably have a knack for something(s) specific(s) by now. Figure out what that/those is/are, what you are already good at because you have been doing it for so damn long.

    STEP 3: Combine Step 1 and 2 by testing. By now you know who you are and what you fracking do with your time all day. Figure out how you can get payed for that in a way that compliments who you are. This requires testing. Knowing yourself will make stuff easier, because you can play to your strengths and compensate for weaknesses. What you need to do is put it all together, see where the pattern leads. Hopefully it will be profitable to boot.

    STEP 4: Once you find something that works or has the potential to, then figure out how you can become better at it and just invest the time and effort required to master it.

    STEP 5: At this point you know who you are, what you are good at and how to make a living off it, you have put the man hours into getting significantly better at it and are competing with others. This is where passion comes into play, but it not the way you imagined. You see if you are good at something, your passion will surface and you'll want to do more of it. This is where you actually find your passion or "true calling". It has always been the thing you constantly did and most likely you have always done it without realizing you enjoyed it so damn much.

    STEP 6: Reap the harvest aka PROFIT. BAM! You have arrived. You can die happy now.

    IF you know all this and still don't do what you are ment to, then just watch this vid for God's sake:

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