INTP "Thinker" seeks ESFP "Performer" as business partner

INTP "Thinker" seeks ESFP "Performer" as business partner

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This is a discussion on INTP "Thinker" seeks ESFP "Performer" as business partner within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Hi, I'm a well-educated INTP with some stage fright. My technology entrepreneurial plans require presentations in front of venture capitalists, ...

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    INTP "Thinker" seeks ESFP "Performer" as business partner

    Hi, I'm a well-educated INTP with some stage fright. My technology entrepreneurial plans require presentations in front of venture capitalists, and I need someone who really enjoys the spotlight for a business partner. This person should have experience in sales and maybe will handle phone sales from interested customers down the road. I'd like someone who likes technology without having the least interest in how it works.

    Do you Performers on this list agree with the Thinker plus Performer business combination?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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    I could be wrong...but you may get along better with an enfp. INTPs tend to like enfps....enfps like the spotlight just like the esfps....only they are more intuitive....just a thought.

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    i must be the odd-job lol, i work in retail, love costomer interaction, im quite the live wire and joker and rarely let a customer go without a giggle, great with new toys and love how they work to! its best to know what you sell inside out so you can please the people who like the idea and the people who like the gear(geeks/nerds/dorks) but aside that im an ISTJ, just give me time to recover from full on talking my head off to many people and am happy as my pills will let me LOL, i would offer my services but one has enough on my plate but ask around and you might find a few introverts that like the spotlight but just need recharging after, dont forget ISTJ's usually stick to a something good when they see it and devote whole heartedly.
    thats just my POV..

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    I don't think that you can find the perfect business partner on type alone. Although it may help, I'd look for someone who is already doing what you want. Sales and presentations is definitely a developed skill, and one in which a person needs to learn to find needs and tailor the presentation to the audience.

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    As an intp, I have found that we work well with esfp's in general. Our differences are so vast that it does make for an interesting paradigm. I have a few neighbors who are esfp's, a guy and a girl. I don't have much in common with either of them except for music and general love for deep conversation but their brains are so incredibly different than mine. Either way, they're great people and I totally support this. Just don't get too abstract, for some reason neither of my esfp friends can go there at all.

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    Do you need someone who is a bulldozer or someone who is articulate? ESFP's are great for motivating a team. They excell at getting work done fast - especially work that can be banged out. You need to keep them busy without too much quality control. Do you have a sales script or a strong easy to follow outline? An ESFP with healthy self esteem is perfect for the numbers game of sales. With a techie company, my concern is that your investors don't want a speech, and they might preffer the steak, you could loose credibility by selling them just sizzle.

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    I'm not an ESFP, but I fucking rock at holding presentations.

    You should widen your requirements.

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    How about an ESTP? That sounds like my dream job. I'm currently working towards an HR diploma with a business degree.

    I also have sales experience. PICK ME PICK ME!!! Lol


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