You could die so why are you miserable?

You could die so why are you miserable?

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This is a discussion on You could die so why are you miserable? within the Education & Career Talk forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Find a job you like. Thank you....

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    You could die so why are you miserable?

    Find a job you like.

    Thank you.

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    I'll try.

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    I have a job I like.
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    To quote from Perseus...

    Quote Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
    Dragon's don't shit. Have yoiu ever heard of Dragon shit? We might burn down buildings and even burn whole planetary systems, but have you ever seen their shit?
    All dragons have jobs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Selene View Post
    To quote from Perseus...

    All dragons have jobs.

    The topic was actually about liking a job.

    Do they like their job, you think? (giggle)
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    Does dying make it worse?
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    I love my job. It is the people I have to work with that I don't care for. They are just so different than I am. I am all emotional and they don't like emotions.

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    let me know when you find a good job that I will like with no college degrees.

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    There are extraneous salient properties of one's life that may exceed this one. It's reasonable they may need their resented position for the other conditions, which are good when they surpass a superior job overall.



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