[ENFJ] Relationships/Friendships with ENTPs

Relationships/Friendships with ENTPs

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This is a discussion on Relationships/Friendships with ENTPs within the ENFJ Forum - The Givers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; What are your past experiences like? Did you sometimes find that your opinions were quite similar, but your reasoning different? ...

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    Relationships/Friendships with ENTPs

    What are your past experiences like?

    Did you sometimes find that your opinions were quite similar, but your reasoning different?

    Would you ever frustrate each other? Why?

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    In our school we have a freshman-upperclassman mentor system, and I once mentored an ENTP. He was interesting to say the least, and had quite the temper. Whenever he hears something incorrect he always speaks up and proves them wrong, which can put him in an unfavorable place among his peers. Sometimes I berated him for not keeping a cool head and remaining warm to others. At the end of the year he managed to develop a gentler tone to his critiques.

    The problem I’m having with the second question is that he didn’t really have an opinion. Whenever I see him debating with others, he always plays devil’s advocate on even the most crooked views (which is quite interesting to watch). I see his arguments as more all over the place, yet it covers a lot of bases; he can talk about 5 factors affecting one topic, yet I tend to focus on answering one important question pertaining to the topic. This frequently annoyed him because I kept saying “but you didn’t answer the real question here”, and that he believes there should be multiple questions to be answered.

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    I find that they tend to make good conversation but they're flaky as a friend with about a dozen social plans at once. It makes it hard to actually hangout with them because they tend to "dip their toes but never get wet". We had an ENTP bass player in our band who would show up to band practice, then leave 30 mins later because he also made plans with other friends. Ne-Fe when it's immature is enough to drive me up the wall.

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    I have an ENFJ friend. He talks to me a lot about his struggles with his sexuality and his religious beliefs, which is something I'm not sure I'm much help on as a straight girl, but ok. I must be some help because he always comes back and talks to me about it, which is surprising 'cos he can be quite sensitive at times and I don't have a reputation as the best... at... gentle... advice giving.

    If we're not talking about that we're talking about philosophy or theology or something, and it's always pretty interesting. He talks a lot about how the ultimate goal is to reach the needs of as many people as possible, whereas truth in spite of uncomfortable conclusions is more my jam. It's pretty interesting for me at least, and I think he enjoys it since he'll start conversations, so I think ENTP's and ENFJ's make reasonably good friends.

    He's a pretty big drama queen though, lol, and sometimes he gets upset when I make a joke. But other than that, yeah, good pals.


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