[ENFJ] Another INFP girl asking for advice with an ENFJ :)

Another INFP girl asking for advice with an ENFJ :)

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This is a discussion on Another INFP girl asking for advice with an ENFJ :) within the ENFJ Forum - The Givers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I'll try to keep this short I did this small group project with an ENFJ in my class, and we ...

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    Another INFP girl asking for advice with an ENFJ :)

    I'll try to keep this short

    I did this small group project with an ENFJ in my class, and we kinda clicked. Well not kinda. It was like....i was living peacefully and quietly in my introverted bubble, writing poems, painting, baking cookies and daydreaming and just.... being alone in peace. I have a reputation of a quiet girl in our school. Then this ENFJ just pops out of nowhere and smashes everything with his hammer of pats on the shoulder, smiles, LOTS of eye contact, praises, jokes, supportive smile and awesomeness. At first I was really shocked, but now i just stare at him with awe. He really is pure awesomeness, brave, charismatic, friendly, supportive, caring.... i could cry just thinking about how great he is

    We didn't really have any serious conversation, it all happened so fast and i was shy. I'm just a shy person, i can't help it! I mean, if you're gonna blow my mind and crash my world, at least give me one week advance warning. After the group project, he kinda kept watching me and trying to take eye contact with me, and i kept being shy. Now he has backed off, he no longer tries to talk with me or touch me. He still takes eye contact and mysteriously appears to places i go, like once during a break i was chilling with my best friend and he walked by us 26 times. literally 26 times. I mean, could be a coincidence, but still... and since he stopped talking to me, I've had withdrawal symptoms. I miss him around.

    I thought that this is a guy i really wanna get to know, so last time we saw each other, i smiled at him. He smiled back and then looked down. Why? :(

    I wish i could talk with him. I wish I could sit with him during lunch, or at least near him, and just watch him smile and laugh and make everyone feel valued. I love that about him, he has this awesome talent to make everyone feel valued and accepted. But I also wish I could get to know him, I wish i could show him my old treehouse and really talk with him in there. I wanna know what is his favourite cake so i can bake that to him when it's his birthday. I wanna know his favourite movie so we can watch it together if he catches a cold. I wanna know what makes him sad, so i can hug him and tell him everything's gonna be ok. I wanna know what makes him hurt so i can kiss him till the pain goes away. And i just wanna be there, where ever he is, and watch him being the awesome person that he is.

    sigh.... head in the clouds, but I don't care.

    I've read that ENFJs like chatty people, maybe he doesn't like me since i'm so shy? I really wanna talk with him, but I don't know what to do. Write a love letter? That would be weird... Right now I just stare at him and look away when he catches me doing that, and I hope that he figures out my feelings for him :) At the same time I feel he might like me too, but since he's an ENFJ, I don't know... He's nice to everyone. I did feel like I was special to him, but then he backed off.... Was it because I was so shy? I didn't mean to hurt him :(

    You who read this till the end are a super hero :D here's a cute hamster
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    ENFJ - The Givers

    I'll also try to keep this short. Instead of talking to strangers online why don't you go talk to him instead?

    Shows over people, you don't gotta go home but you gotta get out of here

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    My only advice would be, get brave like him and tell him the truth, tell him you want to be friend with him, and tell him what kind of great person you see in him, I'm quite sure anyone would cheer up and feel so happy if he heard someone telling him all of these postive things, make the first step for it, and good luck :)
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    Thank you guys, I needed to hear that... sorry for the annoying post, I really was out of it yesterday

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    ENFJ - The Givers

    Go up to him and scream "shoryuken" a few times while trying to do an uppercut motion.
    Then if he looks at you crazy, say some ENFJ from a website told you to do that to get you to notice him and you were desperate to talk to him.

    Then again this response to your post probably came late.

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    From 1 infp female to another....I have been through similar situations .If you really like him (you sound like it ; ) ) next time strike a conversation with him or give him a complement ,that's not annoying or too much which I am sure that's what are not trying to seem.Because of our shy and awkward nature others might think we are just not interested.take it slow but keep it interesting. Step out of your comfort zone and make a move simply communicate.They are nice people I am sure he will be up for it .Thereafter you can check what's up.I am pretty sure by then you would not be so shy around him.And you will be sure of whats goin on btwn the two of you..... You've got nothing to worry about infp we have quite a charm dont keep it all to yourself

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    This is so cute! I was actually thinking "write him a letter!" Then I saw you wrote that, and I thought even more "wow, she should really write him a letter!"


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