[ENFJ] The Anxiety Handshake... is he nervous?

The Anxiety Handshake... is he nervous?

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This is a discussion on The Anxiety Handshake... is he nervous? within the ENFJ Forum - The Givers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; There is this guy that we both had a liking towards each other about 5 years ago, things went downhill ...

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    The Anxiety Handshake... is he nervous?

    There is this guy that we both had a liking towards each other about 5 years ago, things went downhill because he was not ready for commitment and other complications - however I have always been in love with him.

    I saw him with a bunch of friends at a bar last week and being the tipsy confident me I went up to him and said hello. I went too shake hands with him and he was so nervous I think because he shook my hand very soft and gently. He said he did not recognise me but looked really glad to see me and said that he remembers me back 5 years ago, we continued to chat, he cracked some humour here and there (also laughed at my jokes too). I also noticed he spoke quite deep and loudly, smiled a lot, his eyes were lit up/all big and was looking directly at my face when I was talking to him.

    After about 5 mins we had to part ways and when I said goodbye I put out my hand to shake hands; he grabbed my hand and he shook very soft and gentle. Then I texted him straight afterwards and told him that it was nice to see him and to have a nice evening; he messaged me back saying "Nice to see you too" (he's always been a robotic text messager, dry and straight to the point mind you).

    Do you reckon he would still possibly be interested - I want to ask him if he wants to catch up for drinks some time in the future.
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    @rex88 Of course, just do it! Some of the more perceiving types have less of an inclination to spot and take advantage of personal opportunities. He might just as well think that there's no chance that you actually like him in that way since it's too good to be true, so I suggest to just go ahead with whatever your heart tells you to do.

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    You are reading into this way to much hah!

    You said he seemed nervous when you came up to him and shook your hand which is a normal response of someone when a person they dont recognize comes up to them. He probably thought you were a random drunk girl. I would put money on you being an INFJ or maybe infp cause you are imagining so many things!

    I hate to say it but we have a way of making everyone feel special and are very personable and give our full attention. The interaction you had with him may not mean anything but wait and see if he tries to talk to you again. If he is interested you will know.


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