ENFJ indecision

ENFJ indecision

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This is a discussion on ENFJ indecision within the ENFJ Forum - The Givers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; I think I’m classic ENFJ. I need help deciding. 58 yo, 40-year HS reunion. Should I go? The folks there ...

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    ENFJ indecision

    I think I’m classic ENFJ. I need help deciding. 58 yo, 40-year HS reunion. Should I go? The folks there I knew and liked in HS but that was long ago. My really good friends won’t be there. Should I go because it would be fun and connecting (ENFJ) or should I ditch it and do something of my own choosing with my people of today? $125 on a boat.

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    If you can bring someone of today along with you comfortably, you get the best of both? :) It sounds like you might have a lot of fun, but don't do it if it will bring up unpleasant memories/events. Reunions aren't something you get to do everyday, 40 years is pretty significant! I imagine it would be interesting to see how people have changed throughout the years (even though you weren't necessarily close with the people that will be in attendance)

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    I am a rebel and will never go to my high school reunion.

    The people that really matter, I have stayed connected to them in real life.

    I dont care to know what any of those people in my high school are up to lol. They all like stalking me on facebook though which is fine but I cant say the feeling is mutual.

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    In the end if you did go, what would it be for? Would you be miserable? Would you regret attending the event? I like thinking about it in terms of me going to a job to make an appearance/please others vs. me looking forward to something to have fun/does this add value to my life?

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