[ENFJ] have any of you enfjs been with an INTP? thought?

have any of you enfjs been with an INTP? thought?

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This is a discussion on have any of you enfjs been with an INTP? thought? within the ENFJ Forum - The Givers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; ive heard this is a good match up andi m wondering if any of you enfjs have been with an ...

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    have any of you enfjs been with an INTP? thought?

    ive heard this is a good match up andi m wondering if any of you enfjs have been with an intp, thoughts? what was it like? and on an entirely unrelated note, where does one find enfjs in the wild? asking for a friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alice Alipheese View Post
    ive heard this is a good match up andi m wondering if any of you enfjs have been with an intp, thoughts? what was it like? and on an entirely unrelated note, where does one find enfjs in the wild? asking for a friend.
    Hi there! I don't think there are many active ENFJs on here compared to other types but I can provide some of my thoughts. I am with an INTJ but his parents are a INTP and ENFJ couple. They are probably the healthiest and the most stable couple I have met to date, granted they have been married for about 45 years. I think the biggest trouble they have had, which is similar to my relationship, is that ENFJs (myself included) can overload our partners with emotions when upset. My father-in-law is the ENFJ and he has said multiple times that he has had to learn to back off and let his wife, the INTP, go off by herself. He also has mentioned that he has had to ask several times in their relationship for more affection. Other than that they joke with each other all the time and provide great perspectives for each other.

    I personally think this is a great match-up. Haha I think its harder to find a wild INTP than and ENFJ XD. I usually like going out with friends or to coffee shops. I mean it's hard because people are so different but if your like other INTPs I know irl or online than I would just go out more often and try speaking with people! Usually, the ENFJ will create a conversation so you just need to go out more often to meet more people. Anyways, I hope this helped a lil :)

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    ENFJ - The Givers

    Honestly, my two favorite types to be romantically involved with are INTJ and INTP. The main downside is affection, but if you relay to your partner early on that you need more affection, it shouldn't be too much of an issue. It is also a little more difficult when your extroverdness wants to spend all day talking, and their introvertedness wants to keep them bottled up or run away. But again, as long as you communicate early on, it shouldn't be too big of an issue.

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    You know whats funny, Im an INTP and I came to the ENFJ part to figure out how to find one of you because I thought we would grt along too! I can only speak fir myself because I dont think I am like all of the other INTPs. First, im female so thats rare. Second, I dont think its so easy to recognize a female INTP because I think we come off as feelers at first. I think we lead with our inferior Fe just because it's more socially acceptable. But you can test us and break past that if uppity bring up a topic that is engaging and makes us think. Stay away from conversations about sports, politics, and dont small talk too long because you will lose us. If you see someone is not interested on small talk or superficial topics like the weather, you may be close. I like to joke alot so maybe some witty banter. If they can keep up, that's a good sign. I like to surf, snowboard, and dance which is very not INTP of me. I met one other female INTP online so look at naybe online friend making apps. Thats how I recently made some friends. We are socially awkward and pretty shy so thats another clue. I wish I could meet an ENFJ IRL because I dont think I ever have!

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    ill work my way up from bottom to top on posts.

    3-my psychology teacher is an INTP. bleh. she thinks shes an intj from what ive heard. its rather entertaining. to me its rather painfully obviousl shes an intp. seeing her try and deal with the "special" student in class definetly gets to her but shes learned to hide it quite well.

    2- interesting, my intj friend is ~twice my age. shes be interested in, infps,intps, and intjs. and she told me recently about how interesting it is that im in touch with my emotions, i can express them alot better than others shes met before and she asked how i was able to do that, i told her "by suffering, alot" (i thought i was a 4 for a long time thanks to this) she then went on to tell me how her intp friend from across the country who is around her age was finally able to do it and shes super into him and its a good thing she doesnt live there anymore or her current infp wouldnt stand a chance. lol.

    1-interesting, the relationship dynamic and growth factor are the most enticing aspects to me, the genders of your INTJ parents are reversed. but what does an enfj get out of such a relationship? to me its more obvious what the intp gets. but ive never quite got what the enfj gets out of it.

    and lastly. (hopefully the intp can answer this one) what on earth does one talk about with with an FJ type? i have 3 female coworkers around that i think are all SFJ, and well they are pleasant. trying to find anything to talk about with this is.... difficult. i think it might just an S and N thing, but maybe not. any tips on distuingishing the s and n between them? i have no idea what it looks like for most F types.

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    It's a good fit for friendship, I love intp girls and guys. I've dated a few intp guys and they were really cool but had a different energy! I get drained being around introverts for too long but I'm energized by ESTP, ENFP, and ESFP, ENTP and other ENFJ. My ex boyfriend felt a little jealous and when we'd go to events where all those extroverted types were because we would all be having these great conversations like iron sharpening iron and he would be just be standing in there hovering around like a helicopter lol.
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    He got jealous of social events? lol. you mean daycare for extroverts? XD
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    I'm dating an ENFJ and can tell you from experience that it's gone very well (so far). He can keep up with my puns and has lots of knowledge about things I've never really been interested in before. The new perspective is really interesting. Another bonus is he really makes me feel comfortable in my weirdness.
    As for your friend, tell them I found mine on a dating site.
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