[ENFJ] ENFJ Bucket List time ...

ENFJ Bucket List time ...

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This is a discussion on ENFJ Bucket List time ... within the ENFJ Forum - The Givers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; OK .... I know this is a fairly common thread across PerC ... but I haven't come across an ENFJ ...

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    ENFJ Bucket List time ...

    OK .... I know this is a fairly common thread across PerC ... but I haven't come across an ENFJ one yet [and yes, I'm feeling too lazy to search right now, sorry XD].

    Here's my bucket list [don't fault me if it's too short]

    1. Create a financially self-sufficient philanthropy [most likely an orphanage]

    2. Visit the places where my father used to roam as a child

    3. Visit New Zealand at least once [have even considered moving there as a home]

    4. Take a cruise to Antarctica

    5. Watch a Cricket Match at Lords

    6. Perform at least one concert where I perform my own music live

    7. Write an autobiography

    8. Drive at least 200 MPH in a car

    9. Sky Dive

    10. Bungee Jump

    11. Roller-blade at least one last time [though my knee may break if I do :/ but I don't care]

    12. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and drop a penny XD [though I won't drop the penny, I know]

    13. Become a teacher before I retire

    14. Spend every waking moment after retirement in a university getting as many honorary doctorates as possible

    15. Help as many people as I can in any way possible :)

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    ENTJ - The Executives

    I'll list ten of my main ones:

    1. Become a high school teacher/university professor.

    2. Perform in both a musical and an opera on stage.

    3. See Greece

    4. Become a doctor (Of something)

    5. Own a piano/violin and know how to play them

    6. Direct a music video/theater production

    7. Make an everlasting impact on society

    8. Spend at least a month in NYC as a true artisan

    9. Hit a high C on my vocal scales

    10. Visit all of the seven wonders of the world

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    ENFJ - The Givers

    1. Visit India, not just on a tourist coach, but actually to spend some time there exploring, living, experiencing life there.

    2. Get my accreditation

    3. Have my own thriving vegetable garden

    4. Become a published writer

    5. Meet a beatle (yes I realise there are only two left)

    6. Be my ideal weight

    7. Have one more baby.

    8. Meet my soul mate and live happily ever after with him and my son!

    9. Live beside the sea.

    10. Go to Paris with the man I love.

    11. Have a nice kitchen.

    12. See my son grow up to be a happy healthy person.

    13. Somehow...somehow, change the mindset of the young women of my country, perhaps by running self-esteem classes for girls.

    14. Spend lots more time in the south of france.

    15. Spend lots more time in Tuscany.

    16. Get my hydrangeas to grow into huge lush bushels.

    17. Live in a house that has climbing wisteria around the front door.

    18. I can't end on 17, I hate that number! So...write another book.

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    1. Start a traveling acting troupe that speaks/acts against stigmas attached to mental illnesses

    2. Make a short film concerning the very same thing

    3. Get Ableton Live and start making my own music

    4. Grad School for Organizational/Industrial Psychology (And get er paid for)

    5. Get my own little house, decorate it and make it my own

    6. Go to South Carolina again

    7. Join a dancing team

    8. Take a random road trip on a whim to somewhere far far away....like South Carolina :]

    9. Get a puppy

    10. Sing in a band
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    That was my current bucket list. I have another one from a journal entry I wrote when I was 18 years old. :]

    However, I called it my....

    Exciting and Unconventional TO DO List!!!

    1. Build a sand castle under water.
    2. Go to Moscow.
    3. Go parasailing.
    4. Join a cooking class.
    5. Learn how to salsa and or tango. (Did it!!!)
    6. Live in Charleston, South Carolina.
    7. Make a collage of all my favorite things.
    8. High five Bono!
    9. Take a stroll on Easter Island.
    10. Ride a dolphin or a whale.
    11. Beat a record for mechanical bull riding.
    12. Created underrated and commonly misunderstood indie album.
    13. Be in a commercial.
    14. Hot air balloon ridez, hecks yes!
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    ENTJ - The Executives

    Happy about Nothing. Just gave me an idea!

    So, after you post a bucket list, why not post a dream bucket list where we can go above and beyond!

    What do you guys think?
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    ENFJ - The Givers

    Some of the things I wanted to do growing up and never thought I would have the oppurtunity to get out on my own include:

    Seeing the Rocky Mountains!
    Travel to Another Country (Europe)!
    Fish on the Mississippi River!
    Learn a Martial Art (Won Hwa Do)!
    Learn to Dance!
    Do something good for the sake of humanity!
    Stand up for myself instead of letting everything slide!

    I am happy to say that I have enjoyed all these things and more.

    My bucket list of things I have not done yet:

    1) Parachute/Skydive;

    2) Watch the sunrise in Korea;

    3) Take up Tap Dancing (at least learn one routine);

    4) Go Ballroom dancing in a large gown;

    5) Finish college to be a Neonatal ICU PA... (working on this one currently);

    6) Become a mom hopefully someday;

    7) Donate time to elementary schools for penpal programs;

    8) Pursuade the Vice-President of the school to undo something he did;

    9) Make a positive difference in at least one person's life everyday (on going);

    10) Save a life or lives;

    11) Paint a picture/Take a photo and have it hung in an art gallery;

    12) Build my own house, eco-friendly, independantly run without external resources;

    13) Go to the NICU Facility in England;

    14) Go air-softing in Sweden with my friend Miko;

    14) Fly a soaring airplane;

    15) Travel by hot air balloon;

    16) Learn to surf in Hawaii;

    17) Go ice fishing in Alaska;

    18) Go on a road trip with my best friend and stop everywhere along the way;

    19) Go on a cruise in the Mediteranean;

    20) Take up playing the piano;

    21) Grow my own food/Raise my own food;

    22) Relearn how to use a sewing machine, giggles;

    23) Write a piece of music and record it just for fun;

    24) Find some of my long distant relatives in Germany;

    25) Find my biological grandfather's family in Puerto Rico;

    26) Landscape my own garden;

    27) Provide a foster home for kids;

    28) Hike in Europe thru the mountains;

    29) Race a racecar at least once;

    30) Get married someday to "Mr. Right for me";

    31) Go para-sailing;

    32) Create my own cook book at home for all my favorite recipes;

    33) Make blackberry merlot;

    34) Do a dare-devil stunt;

    35) Pose for an art class, preferably while pregnant;

    36) Be a loving grandmother;

    37) Swap houses with people for vacations;

    38) Try a completely new hairstyle;

    40) Figure out what else I want to do before I die as well as do at least half of these!
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    ENFJ - The Givers

    Quote Originally Posted by Ariana View Post
    Happy about Nothing. Just gave me an idea!

    So, after you post a bucket list, why not post a dream bucket list where we can go above and beyond!

    What do you guys think?
    Great Idea...that calls for a new thread "fantasy bucket list" my mind is working overtime already!
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    ENTJ - The Executives


    Oh yes! :D
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    INFP - The Idealists

    You guys are crazy.

    Someone should sell you lots of travel insurance.
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