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ENFP in grip of their Shadow Functions (a negative form of ISTJ)- examples?

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This is a discussion on ENFP in grip of their Shadow Functions (a negative form of ISTJ)- examples? within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by Enfpleasantly I love it! So cute! :) I've been lurking here and there...with school out I have ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enfpleasantly View Post

    I love it! So cute! :) I've been lurking here and there...with school out I have been really busy with the kiddos :)

    I do wonder if post partum was part of it, although my baby is 2 3/4 years old. I did have some odd changes occur during his pregnancy and then it gradually got worse, hitting rock bottom when he was just turning 2. I also read that increased copper, low zinc, and low magnesium are related to post partum depression...copper rises during pregnancy and when there's too much, it can cause zinc and magnesium (among others) to not be absorbed effectively. To make matters worse, I had a copper IUD placed when he was about a year old, so I'm sure that added to things. Anyway, I never experienced PPD before and I have 3 kids, so that leads me to think age has something to do with it. So here's my theory...

    It was the perfect mixture, a recipe for disaster...I was at the age of entering the 3rd phase of development for an ENFP, which means Si was becoming more conscious in my thought process. I was pregnant and copper was building in me for the 3rd time along with all the previous non-pregnant years of copper slowly building up in me adding to it. I have a baby and my hormones go crazy, my baby was colicky, my husband graduated and we had to move, I was in my Sister's wedding that year and responsible for a lot in regard to that, and I lost a close family member to cancer. Not to mention, many other obstacles that were pretty draining (like one child having a hard time adjusting to school). I'd say, all of this slowly led to me feeling pretty overwhelmed, without me even realizing it!

    The thing is, I used to always have a very positive outlook on things, and then all of a sudden, that was gone too. I felt like a stranger when I realized I hated everyone around me and couldn't see the possibilities in a positive light. I think this is what broke the camel's back for me. I was down, and didn't even have my happy, bubbly spirit to lift me out...I was gone. Luckily though, with support from only a few personally chosen people, I worked my way out. Mr. 2eng is a pretty great ENTJ in case you didn't know it already :)
    Oh wow- I lost my breath just reading through that. Yeah! That is a lot to be going through!! But you made it through!!!!! I did not know all this about copper and magnesium etc. Huh. Very interesting.

    Thanks again for making me not so afraid of Si just from what you have said. We are tough ENFP broads now that we've gone through all of this. hah! ;)

    I'm lucky I never suffered post partum depression- just stress - and perfectionism is an ENFP trait that I think leads us down that path.
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    Yes, I remember that guy, he took possession of my body for about three of my late teenage years. I closed myself off, cutting off my friends and gaining a massive amount of weight; which sent me even further into whatever it was. It's not a good place to be, especially those times when you remembered how you used to be and how you wish you still were. Thankfully I eventually got out of that place and I'm never allowing myself to go there again.

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    I go into my inferior functions on house-cleaning day... it works. I haaaate housework so I force myself to get up early and then I systematically get through the house and do everything Ė cleaning, washing, food shopping etc, and I will slaughter anyone who gets in my way. Then once itís done itís pure perfection. ;)

    On a darker note however, Iíve spent extended periods of time in my (unhealthy) shadow only twice Ė once when I went through a really difficult time as a pre-teen and then again when I went through my marriage breakup. Both were pretty essential in getting through the extreme amounts of emotional turmoil I was going through.
    When interacting with the rest of the world I shut off my first two functions and just became a quiet, concrete thinker while at home I systematically released every bit of negative emotion through my abstract in the form of writing several manuscripts.
    During my marriage breakup I recall two times where I drank myself silly and got into these massive debates with men (I really hated men at that point) and totally Te-falcon punched everyone I disliked... particularly men.
    Not my best self, but I saw it as essential for me in getting back on the road to recovery. Once I had purged everything I was nothing but an empty shell. I didnít feel anything which meant my life from that point on was a clean slate to start over. I took up reading again, exercise, eating healthy and found good company in friendships Ė my self esteem (which had taken an awful pounding during my marriage) began to improve and I regained my ENFP balance again. Last year I started getting back into the dating scene again too.
    So yeah, itís not the best reflection of ourselves but our shadows are pretty essential in helping us get through whatever we need to if our primary functions arenít working. We just need to remember when the time is right to actively pull ourselves out of it rather than wallow in it for longer than we need to.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    When I'm moody I'll judge people right off the bat. And it puts distance between me and that person. I'm just highly critical. Like I'll see someone for the first time and with out knowing them from Adam judge them as less than or too good for me and be like "I don't want to be their friend" lol it sounds so elementary school but that's basically how it works. so I'm isolated quite a bit. And I'm scared/timid when it comes to opening up because i'm so critical of others that I become a perfectionist about myself...always wanting to be seen as perfect. I didn't used to be like this....but... I am now.
    I developed bulimia when I became depressed....so eating in excess was another symptom

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