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ENFPs: do you express yourself through writing/ poetry?

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This is a discussion on ENFPs: do you express yourself through writing/ poetry? within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Oh yeah! Im actually in the middle of writing a book! I love poetry as well. And write it all ...

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Oh yeah! Im actually in the middle of writing a book! I love poetry as well. And write it all the time. I just have no idea how to make a future of it haha. This is one called "Johnny's room". I wrote it about a friend about 3-4 years ago when the economy went bad. Its pretty crappy. But ill copy and paste it.

    Johnny's room

    Johnny's upstairs filled with gloom
    Listening to his parents downstairs in their room
    They fight like this almost every night
    So johnny hides in his room out of sight.

    See, the economy went under in 08', and Johnny's dad lost his place
    He fell into depression and started to binge
    Then the downward spiral never seemed to end
    His mother Maria tried helping as much as she might
    But everyday was just another fight
    She grew tired, lost weight, and began to look like a mouse
    Probably didnt help Johnny's father was beating her all over the house

    Johnny's upstairs in his room
    All cooped up and filled with gloom
    Parents just continue to bicker downstairs for fun
    While he picks up a book to get something done
    Books open up his world to the possibilities
    Moons, stars, and history in its entirety
    "Yeah ill make it out of here" he says
    "Nothing is forever. And I soon wont have much to dread"

    So johnny continues to be cooped up in his room.
    But after awhile, it doesn't seem to be filled with gloom.
    One day things will get better and not seem so foul
    You just have to be patient, and wait awhile.

    Its meh....old haha. But it was one of the first things I wrote and it took about 15 mins haha.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Quote Originally Posted by Danse Macabre View Post
    I write so much poetry. It is all used as lyrics in my songs. It's extremely special to me so it's scary to share BUT...

    Little Miss Rainy Day
    Turn around your frown and wipe the tears from your face
    See, the world has colour to us
    It's not just a sea of grey waiting to storm your banks.

    Little swirls in the air,
    You're only dust but I see you there
    Dancing in the rays of the sun
    And nothing can compare when it makes a smile spread over your face
    And you care to see what you might become.

    Little miss rainy day, the sun is shining put those fears away.
    If you need me then you need to say
    Cause I need to know that you'll tell me if you don't think you'll be ok
    And make the grade

    Just stow that list of failures in your pocket right now
    Cause it's not helping, and who's counting anyhow?
    Maybe wear a yellow plastic jacket to block out the rain
    Or build a giant bucket in the sky to catch it as it's made
    Or yell at the sky for ruining your whole goddamn day
    Or become a duck!
    Cause ducks like to float in the puddles and the lakes that it makes

    All afternoon
    The giant's garden blooms when he sits back and lets the children play
    And they run on the flower beds
    And some will be trampled but the others will open and smile just the same

    Now I know you're sick of hearing things will get better
    But we only say it cause it's true
    You tell other people to sweat out the fever
    Well what made you think, what made you believe that you can't too?

    Little miss rainy day
    Maybe put those paints away.
    Try another colour
    Cause I know you've suffered
    And you're sick of being blue
    But you know..
    There are other colours too.

    - Me
    wow. im smiling. the imagery is so soft

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I often feel the

    Demand on myself to
    Occasionally write about everyday occurrences.
    Now and then,
    'Tis a pleasurable endeavor
    To undertake,

    Creating words and meaning where there had been
    Absolute nothingness.
    Relaxed, free verse
    Expressing my exact thoughts or writing in

    Formed meter in a poem is not important:
    Originality is key,
    Regardless of the topic.

    Proud or ashamed,
    Original or derived,
    Expression is the ultimate goal for poetry.
    Titles don't matter, nor do clever
    You must simply write.

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    I can't write poetry at all. I can't make the words flow properly or rhyme at all. I also can't understand it. I may be the ONLY intuitive who feels this way (poetry makes me feel like a sensor, to be honest).

    I do enjoy a good book and I used to enjoy writing. I'm usually brilliant at character development and I make up characters that are completely realistic. But then they sort of sit there with nothing to do. I can never come up with a good enough plot.

    I'd rather just make a movie. I've called myself a cinematic genius. I can do just about anything with a video camera and the right editing program. I wrote stories until I discovered that gift.

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