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Best friendship match and types in your nearest circle?

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This is a discussion on Best friendship match and types in your nearest circle? within the ENFP Forum - The Inspirers forums, part of the NF's Temperament Forum- The Dreamers category; Originally Posted by Ntuitive Yeh. My best friends of all time have been something like ENFP ENTP ESFP ESFP ESTJ ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ntuitive View Post
    Yeh. My best friends of all time have been something like ENFP ENTP ESFP ESFP ESTJ ESFJ JFK CMD9 KFC bbq
    LMAO! You are SUCH an ENFP!

    And yet, some how I can see the logic behind MBTI categories leading to Kentucky Fried Chicken and barbecues
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    My closet friend is an INFJ, coincidentally, a couple of my friends are INTPs, but most of my friends are extroverts. I haven't quite pinned them yet.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    One of my besties is an ENFP. I love her to death. The other one is probably an INFJ. My one sister is a likely ENFJ and the other an ENFP. Yeah, life was tough growing up.
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    I'm surrounded by INTPs... completely surrounded, and I love it. My best friend, my SO, and my brother... gosh, they're all so awesome. I seriously can't get enough. The friend that stays on my ass to make sure I'm getting out often enough for her liking is an ENFJ. I honestly do love her, but holy shit, energy vampire, lol. Hmmm, I also have an ESFP brother who is just amazing. He and I are a lot alike, yet so very different. Coolest kid ever, for damn sure.

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    INFP - The Idealists

    I'll just type my closest seven. Surprisingly, I have more introverted friends than I do extroverted.

    My sister/closest friend: I believe she's ISTJ. She tested as an INTJ, which didn't fit her at all, her actions and mannerisms line up far more closely to that of an ISTJ.

    Friend 2: She also tested as INTJ, which while I see aspects of that in her, I think she better lines up as an INFJ. She's very nurturing, and even though she's the youngest of our group of friends, she's definitely the 'mom' of all of us. :p

    Friend 3: I thought she would be an ESTJ, but she tested as ISFJ (practically on the borderline of extroversion and introversion). She's a natural leader, and very responsible. I think that type fits her well.

    Friend 4: She hasn't taken the test yet, though she will soon :p I can't tell if she's an ESFJ or an ESTJ, though I believe she's one of the two. I'm just guessing here, since she doesn't have a strongly developed type, or at least one that's visible to me.

    Friend 5: I don't see her as having a developed type either. I believe she's an introvert, and I'm just guessing that she may be ISFJ.

    Friend 6: She's definitely an introvert. I really see her as either an ISFP. She's a perfectionist, and tends to be really sensitive and hard on herself, even though she's very talented.

    Friend 7: Definitely either an ENTJ or ENTP.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I am an ENFP and my sister and I are one person...but she's an INFP. I have a real love for INFPs for their sense of imagination and theories.

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    Unknown Personality

    My girlfriend: ISFP (t)
    Best friend: ISFP (t)
    Inner circle of close friends: ISFP, ESFJ, ENFJ, INTJ (t), INFJ (t), INFP (t)


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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Oldest Friend:
    ESTJ - 8 years.

    Loyalest friend:
    ISTJ - 6 years.

    Best guy friend:
    ENTP - 8 months (known him for 7 years though haha)

    I have no idea why more of my best friends are SJs but I think it's cuz I've known them for so long and the general idea is that SJs are loyal and like consistency.


    Coolest friend:
    ENFP - I just get her totally. We both had really strict moms and similar childhoods (though hers was waaaaay tougher... I have this theory that one way ENFPs are made are due to difficult childhoods? Or growing up in scenarios where we'd rather not be, so we try to imagine/happy/Ne our way out of it). We need time away from each other though, or we get bored.

    Most interesting friend:
    INTP - ingenious, interesting and spontaneous!


    biggest crush (1 year ago)
    INTJ - no surprises here I guess. It was weird though. We were both relationship retarded.
    I wish I could have a go at it with another INTJ XD

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    For an ENFP, I think most of the people around me are Introverted.

    To come about it, as an ENFP, the people around me are all I personality traits. INTP- the architects, ISTP- the mechanics, ISFP- the artists and INFJ- the defenders and these are the people who match my nearest circle.

    We talk about nothing in particular, simply jumping from conversation to conversation until we find something worth our time. It is pretty fun with the "I" personalities, you can get to learn a lot of things. And it is a really rewarding friendship for all of us.

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    Unknown Personality

    I have no close ENFP friends :'( wah.

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